The legion of the Blood

Calling all supervillains, villains,evildoers,thiefs,crooks,and people who just like to be bad, I offer to you the offer of a lifetime. I, BleedBloodBled am starting a team. A team of evil. The way in is simple, all you have to do is list your name powers [if you got 'em], specialties, weaknesses and if you good enough, I will contact you and ask you to be my friend. we will comunicate through blog.

Sincerly, BleedBloodBled

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Best inhumane way to finish off your mortal ememies

My arch-nemesis, Brickblock, has the ability of indistructability and rock hard skin is a show off. I like to start my diobolical plans off really simple. Get on the huge tv in the town square say I kidnapped Brickblock's girlfriend, he comes running, and while he's in my hide out my army of blood thirsty zombies comes out of the shadows and rips him apart and eats him. The inhumane part is, he's alive while being ripped and eaten!