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X-force is a black ops group as stated in the Marvel advertisement, ]
They do not get paid so them being Mercenaries is out of the question.
They are not not terroists because they are not trying to cause terror just stop a terroist cell.

It seems to me the actions of the X-force are kinda blurry, like in the gray area which makes us think "Are they Mercenaries? or are they Terroists?

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greekpimp said:
"OK....I think that Wolverine is over used. Hes one of my least favorite X-characters because of this. I like how the have teenage mutants (ninja turtles, haha) but Young X-Men is lame. I liked Astonishing until the whole breakworld crap. But  my one question is Astonishing and Uncanny have the exact same teams (except Pixie and Armor). Why dont they just fuse the two books. Same location, same do different things happen to them?"
So you got sick of  him because is he's in everybook? I thought you were a die hard Wolverine fan Greek Pimp.

I haven't stop liking Wolverine just because he's in alot of books, but I haven't,
I do however prevent myself from getting sick of him by only collecting three out of the six books he's in.
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I agree !!!! with everything you said man.

Eversince I gave DC a look I've been bored with them with the exception of the Batman family, they rock!! I did find however Infinite Crisis to be good though.


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my\\Slight said:

"Mystique- but she is soo sneaky that you could never trust her"

me too I like to see her be good more often, she did play the side of the anti-hero for awhile when join the team led by Rogue.

I was amazed that the Sentinels have gone good with human pilots?

I would like to see possibly Doctor Octavious go good and join the Thunderbolts or the New Avengers that would be effin awesome,
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Darkchild said:

i love Emma such a bitch which is why i love her

right Dude!!! same here man!!
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Dementia5 said:
guess I just miss seeing them amongst their friends. I think the whole M-Day thing was poorly thought out and handled, and as Pania mentioned in another thread, the past few years have been hard on X-fans. When I look at what happened to my favorite characters, it's a bit gutwrenching to me. I suppose I'm just sad and nostalgic

Yeah I know how feel I miss the old days also, Need a hug.

Elemental said:
  1. Put Dazzler along with Longshot and Darwin in X-Factor

  2. Have Bishop and Cable use their powers more often in Cable and get a new artist ASAP

  3. In addition to the hippie San Fransisco and Russian manhunt arcs, have an arc where Kitty and Bobby have to race all across India to search for Kavita Rao and a cure to save a orphaned little mutant girl.

  4. Introduce other teenaged characters in Young X-Men that are mutants too and add Prodigy to the team.

  5. Replace Emma Frost with Jean Grey

replace Emma Frost with Jean Grey what are you nuts, as much as I like Jean Grey over Emma, leave her dead for good for once. Also Emma persona as a formor bad girl whose smart and sexy is good for the book. Its makes it more interesting than the girl next door image Jean Grey portrayed.
Hate to say this but in reall life good guys fall for bad girls, bad girls like nice guys to keep them honest and safe, and good guys like bad girls because its entertaining, they love the chase of a bad girl who plays hard to get.
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what Toby Maguire failed to do was make sarcastic remarks and witty punchlines like Spiderman does in the comics, and cartoons.

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i'm a pretty open mind type of guy so a subculture becoming a culture only seems like natural progression to me, like look at the population of latinos for example, they were once consider a subculture or even a counterculture, now it is predicted that in the next 15 years Latinos will be the dominant race, They are already the number one minority group.

Ok enough about latinos I just used that to illustrate a natural progression of a race or culture group.

To answer Kage's question: Where to start. I would start back with House of M: and Messiah Complex only because majority of the upcoming storylines will stem from there.

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magento's returning Man I definitly need to stop double dipping between DC and Marvel and start focusing on my X-men.



the blue/gold stuff was the best...pretty much everything up until the end of the onslaught saga was classic x-men for me after that i think it just went downhill i can't even read the new stuff anymore...although i did just read astonishing 25 today and it seems to me like they're trying to get them back to there roots i can't wait for uncanny 500 and the return of magneto


I totally agree with you man things just went down the toilet, I mean I hated gRant Morrisons New X-men run. X-treme X-men was ok, but Rogues look (wheww yuck) Bring back her curly hair and voluptous body! I also hated what happen to beast, I understand Psylocke dying even though I missed that her fine ass. Thank god that pussy is back alive again.

So what is the O5 era?   Canemacar talking about anyway.
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mutants are hard to come by these days but they can slowly rebuild even pull mutants from alternate universes also. I know someday the mutant population will regrow into the millions but not as it was back before M day, that would take at least a decade and a half to replenish that and to explain the Mutant Baby boom... hey, now there's a story idea.