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Backlash is the immortal Marc Slayton, one of the core members of the U.N. crisis response unit: StormWatch and leader of the covert insertion unit: WildCore.  Slayton is a soldier first, a classic war-horse, whose military career (before and after becoming a 'Super Powered Being') is quite impressive and lead him all over the world on different assignments.


As you might imagine using this ability takes quite a bit out of Marc so he tends to save it.

Energy Coil
The reason for his name, Slayton can project (and control) 'psi' based energy coils which he uses as a whip or a solid projectile.


A founding member of the U.N. Crisis Response unit Marc Slayton quickly takes on the role of trainer which removes him self from the field for the most part. 


It turns out Marc doesn't like not being in the field, he is after all usually the oldest soldier in the room anywhere anytime being an immortal.

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Comic Book Duos

A duo is kind of  strange beast when you think about it.  It's a fine line between success and stepping on your partners joke, taking their spot light, or running off with all the fans but when two people have chemistry magic is made over and over again.  Because of this most creative endeavors avoid duos.  Most music bands have more than two members.  Most television shows have more than two central characters, as do most movies.  Most genre of novels star fewer, or greater than, two characters. Same with comics.  Of course when it's done right (Music: Loggins and Messina, Television: The odd couple, Movies:Laurel and Hardy, Novels: Holmes and Watson) then the magic happens.  The same thing can be found in comic books...

Much like Romeo & Juliet, Etienne Navarre & Isabeau d'Anjou, Gambit & Rogue Dick and Barbara work so well together they can never really settle down together because that would be the end of the professional relationship and therefore the end of Nightwing and Oracle.  The world needs them, so they choose not to give in to their own personal needs for the greater good.  This dramatic tension makes for great storytelling.

Backlash & Grifter.  Never heard of them?  The old war-horse and the con man, each the very essence of the archetype they were created from, are flip sides of the same coin.  Honor, duty, strength, drive, justice.  Both of them seek it but how is where they differ.  It's not as simple as black & white or dark and light, not when you've seen the things and lived through the things that these two men have (military super soldier programs, beastly mutations, mind control, genetic breeding stock).  This dramatic tension makes for great storytelling.

While the first incarnation of Powerman & Iron fist was a little different this new incarnation is equally good.  The mystical Kung-Fu warrior Iron Fist, cultured and experienced of the ways of the world and superheroing takes the newly minted Powerman under his cowl to train and develop the younger man.  From Powerman's perspective they truly are "Heroe's for Hire" (even though there is a different comic book called that now) as the younger man uses his wages to assist his mother in pulling them out of poverty, the very place Iron Fist and Powerman spend their time fighting crime.  This dramatic tension makes for great storytelling.

Come on, do I really need to make a statement here?  We're talking Chocolate & Peanut Butter, Franks & Beans, Carrots & Peas, they all pale in comparison of the original pairing on the mouths of babes all across the land: Batman & Robin!  I chose this version of the duo because it represents exactly what I feel is best in both characters.  This version of the Batman is the driven tactitioner, a military general on a mission he won't be deterred from.  He's a mentor, a teacher, and a beacon to his troops.  This version of Robin is smart, cunning, self motivated, adaptable, and a great resource for the Dark Knight.


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The Paladin Brigade: The Comic


The Paladin Brigade are a private law enforcement firm offering tactical support, investigative services, fugitive retrieval & apprehension services and more for the world court’s ‘Criminal Psionic Consortium‘ in the apprehension & detention of psionic criminals.  It’s largest client/partner is the U.S. Marshal Service, although the Brigade does have a large and successful public division as well.


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Apollo City Meet Up: Midnight Talon

Jason Connor

Jason possess the ability to alter his center of  gravity as well as slightly altering the effect of gravity for any item he’s laid his hands on, and having a minute effect over gravity as a whole within the immediate area around him.

Jason Connors fell in love with Natalie Preston (RavenStar) who grew up idolizing her father Paul. So when Paul Preston abruptly shifted his business from space 
tourism to hunting alien artifacts here on earth she naturally supported him 100%. She spent summers on all of his digs where she and Jason would meet and fall in love.  It would also be where Jason’s life... FINISH THE STORY HERE.
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FlashBack Universe: DC Comics iPad App

Here are a couple of morsels of our discussion on this topic:
 "DC Comics has finally slipped their toe into the sea of digital comics with an iPad app through Comixology."
  "JIM - My first impression? The DC Comixology App has a nice assortment of comics overall. The only place I find it lacking..."
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