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Because you're Heathens! Hilarious. SuperGods are up in the polls. IM3 sounds fun. Hope it can follow Avengers with some success.

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Enjoyed it. Garth Ennis being Garth Ennis. Gratuitously absurd situational sex and violence as usual. I'm buying it.

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Wonder Woman trying to give Batman a hard time for making Robin a sidekick = hilarious.

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@Mbecks14 said:

So just because the Majority of comic book readers are horny men, all women must be sexy? That sounds fair. Don't get me wrong, I love a sexy Batgirl or a scantily clad Catwoman as much as the next guy. But Comics should not be pornographic. You can depict women as beautiful without having gravity defying, logic-lacking costumes just to reveal cleavage and skin (ala Starfire). Women can be just as beautiful dressed in a skin tight non revealing uniform that reduces the entire female gender down to nothing but a pretty show meant for male sexual appetite. I'm not saying Wonder Woman should button up or Black Canary should put on pants, but the over exaggeration of the sexuality is what bothers me. Especially now that the only 2 heavy women in the DCU are amongst the other perfectily bodied heroines of the DCU.

I'm sorry that my "soap box" defending treating women as more than sex objects is so infantile. I should just grow up and treat women like dolls.

I, like most non-feminist or meta men, like comics because of story and art. Since the dawn of time man has painted beautiful nudes and portraits of women. I like seeing Psylocke in all her nakedness. Not because I'm horny, just because I'm a man. I find it infantile when a "man" defends women (I see a man in your avi), when he can't possibly know exactly what or how seeing Starfire makes them feel. Even if a woman tells you they are offended. That's that one woman's opinion and the art is subjective. There aren't many amputees or people suffering from mental retardation, or little people represented in comics or mainstream commercials. Where's the outcry? The real truth is: we don't want to see that. I think you're soapboxing for women and if you are a man that I find pathetic. In terms of art, the way Starfire's red hair, nice curves and the purple uniform makes the page pop. Panels with her perfectly angled face and green eyes with a swirled ring of hair with her body flying through the air just looks great. It's not porn. It just looks cool. Comic books are all about art/aesthetics and story. Comics that aspire to reach perfection of those two elements sell more copies. That's just reality. You contradict yourself when you say sexy is good here, but not here. How many little girls look up to Wonder Woman? A lot. Yeah, she's not wearing much. But it's just like a male superhero with python biceps. It looks good on the page. Little boys put towels around their necks and pretend to be stronger and faster because of Superman, Batman, etc. These guys don't have on a whole lot either. Imagine them fighting crime with a beer belly. Did you ever think these super chicks are wearing revealing clothing because they are in "super" shape and want to show off their bodies? Most women with nice bodies do this in real life. This discussion is not really a real one to me. The New 52 writers are putting together complex plotlines and you're worried about replacing two fat chicks. Stop. I have nothing more to say to you you may be.

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@Mbecks14: I find it funny you chastise a comic book reader as infantile. I think we just want different things out of a comic book. Judging as most female characters are beautiful with perfect bone structure, my opinion is prevailing and dominant. Over years and years of artists penciling female and male characters, most are "infantile" depictions of beauty. They look better in uniforms, armor, etc. I would argue that comic books aren't reality. No one reads comic books with people in capes solving crimes for its realness. I think your soap boxing is really infantile. Because you know exactly why characters are drawn the way they are drawn. It's the same reason certain girls start going to the prom as freshmen and others have to wait to go with a group of friends their senior year in high school.

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Thank you for articulating this through prose. We're with you brother (in Hulk Hogan voice)!

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@Mbecks14: I personally don't mind everyone with the exception of male villains look stumpishly ugly with worts. I like looking at beautiful women. If Gotham City was full of supermodels and the occasional ugly supervillain, fine by me. I still mad they draw Aunt May as a homely GILF. She is obviously hot, but artists are sticking to your realism premise on this one.

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I find comments about any aspect (race, body type) of the love interests of a particular superhero to be asinine. Obviously if major story arcs involve them, then you have reason to gripe, but give it a minute. She only made one instant cup of coffee. I'm guessing it was black. Nick Fury looking like Sam Jackson is not as disturbing as Toby McGuire as Spiderman or Terrence Howard as War Machine. Or Nicholas Cage as a flamepissing skeleton in a less than flame inspiring piss of a movie. A character changing races is not a big deal to me unless it's a flagship character. Wolverine as an Asian Canadian I would have a problem with. But then again his relationship with Yuriko would make a lot more sense. So all that to say, the new 52 is going to go through growing pains AND continuity has been a problem. The problem for most of the posters here is, change is killing you. Just roll with it and allow these writers, most of which haven't disappointed that horribly in the past, to satisfy new and old fans.

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Really? Tarantino is the master of overkill (literally). As far as dialogue being over the top, Samuel L. Jackson's MF count is always through the roof in every Tarantino film. And for me it works every time. I'm gauging you just aren't a Tarantino fan to see the similarities. true. Miller is probably just a victim of his own style. Supe comics weren't treated so dark and gritty in the DC Universe before DKR. Now that every supe comic wants to tap into the dark humour, violent response without killing cliche, he's not doing anything different and it looks like overkill in dialogue and plot.

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Frank Miller appears to be trying really hard to show "edge". While it works for Tarantino, Miller, notsomuch. The story was really meh, but the artwork was Jim Lee being Jim Lee.

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