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In High Favor of this theres such a strong team dynami anyway it'll be a shame to loose that if the new writer goes ina adifferent direction

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I have to Agree deeply. The Lady Liberators was an interesting idea, and we saw that She-Hulk kinda revitalized that with well...basicly every popular female marvel woman. So why not use a Liberators title where its a non-static team membership maybe one or regulars.

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With this whole marvel Now thing coming up and the fact that i haven't seen any promotional material with Emma shown, I have one thing to say. That If Marvel Kills off Emma Frost, at the end of this series and not Ressurect her soon, and bring back Jean, even alternate past Jean. I can honestly say I WILL NOT read or Solicit for Marvel Comics accept for Winter Solider and its no need for me to say why i might stop reading that (obvious guess), Honestly I Can't Emma is one of my favorite characters and X-men to see her go out like that even in a Pheonix story. which honestly, come on, the Pheonix has been don't she'd not have a unique stroyline for her death just another spamed pheonix schtick. the New Hawkeye was good and i Love Kate Bishop so i'll give that a try up till issue 12. we'll see marvel I was raised on you but I can take off the ring.

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was hoping for a fuller cast Guardians was my favorite marvel title in years. would love to see Cosom and the entire MenTech team with Mantis and Moondragon and Phyla and Groot there too.

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Well there a pretty good read at least

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budapest, its just fun to say. Looks good i'm liking the lettering

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@darthfury78 said:

Maybe Natasha should become Spider-Man's crime fighting partner.

please no, that would just be weird

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Ok So I don't mind Hathaway as Catwoman, and i think she may even do a great Job. One question, Gimmicky or not. She's not Catwoman without the Whip, and Claws. Without either hes Woman-In-Catsuit, with a gun...practicle; I'm not even pissed about the gun, it wouldnt be a bad Idea that she has one around just in case, but no whip??????

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For the love of Mike, its one story!, they've been dating now for some time and seen in the X-books and Alpha mini's together its not like the next five months are going to be swimming in This wedding and if so why not? X-Men and marvel in general have been getting pretty blah! anyway consider it a brief interlude before the next thing happen. Batwoman is a lesbian and i think her books Story, art and plotting is some of the best I've read since its debut. Is it really that offensive, that we can't read one comic with that presents one psuedo-alternative idea even briefly. That's why we keep gettin the same BS in our comics. Every time someone once to try something a little different we have to start putting up a resistance. Maybe it wouldn't seem like such a forced issue if we just start seeing gay characters in comics as a matter of fact, just like in life rather than just an every now and then situation.

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So suprised when I saw Thanos at the End I thought for sure it would be Kang which would have been awesome my only thing is If they have Thanos will they... bring in Captain Marvel. I'm hoping not, and please please not Starfox. If they do Captain Marvel I hope it's ultimate Captain, but i'd Prefer them to bring in Ms. Marvel they need another girl on the team and it would be easy to tie her in with her miltary background hell maybe she could have been working on this Phase two thing. Or if they don't want to do Hulk again what about She hulk, but we need the Vision, there are many possibilities but they really cant have a Avengers movie without Scarlet Witch

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