i was only doing marvel twins but now ive changed my mind and now im adding other twins from other comics if u have any suggesting post a comment

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Posted by Gylan Thomas

Are they all twins or are soem just brother and sister? 
How about Pete Parker and Ben Riley? Do they count?

Posted by blackstormtorrent

all twins 
peter parker and ben riley cant really work cause ben riley is peters clone

Posted by Gylan Thomas
I'm still not so sure.   
Captain Britain and Psylocke, Wiccan and Speed, Scarlet Witch and Qucik silver? i'd have to question those ones.  
You might be right though.
Posted by blackstormtorrent

all twins check google it comicvine it they r all twins dnt have to be identical but they r twins

Posted by blackstormtorrent

and speed and wiccan r identical but with different hair colour read young avenger wen they first meet

Posted by nate3cuban

two members of the teen titans are twins

Posted by blackstormtorrent
 thanks but this is the marvel one if i do the dc one i will defo put them init
Posted by xboy79

Coooooooooool    :))))))))

Posted by XFan616

I'm ashamed that you don't have the Stepford Cuckoos in here! Granted there are more than two:)

Posted by blackstormtorrent
@XFan616:  there not twins if they kill one off i will add them
Posted by lagoonman
@blackstormtorrent:  but the wonder twins( zan & jayna) are dc.
Posted by Zeraphyne

I´m working on a list "Twins and beyond" where I sum up twins and tripletes and quadrupletes and so on. Would it be okay to use your list to broaden mine?

Posted by blackstormtorrent
@Zeraphyne:  yea its fine tell when u finish it so i can read it :)
Posted by Zeraphyne

I finished my list, have fun going through it. If you have any more suggestions, just hit me! I´d appreciate it

Posted by Liberty
Posted by blackstormtorrent
@Liberty:  thank you
Posted by Darth Paul

You forgot Crimson Fox, it's the same concept as the last one on your list, Ladyhawk, two twins playing the same hero. (Actually, I think one of them is dead now so it's just one girl currently, but in the beginning it was the two of them playing the same heroine.)
Also: Jan & Jayce from Space Ghost,  and Lightning Lad and Light Lass from LOSH.

Posted by blackstormtorrent
@Darth Paul: thanks lot for the help i will update with ur suggestion
Posted by riri4life

You forgot the M twins! BLASPHEMY! lol jk 

Posted by blackstormtorrent
@riri4life:  there on the list
Posted by riri4life
Oh, my bad. lol
Posted by Donovan Montgomery
Posted by TheShame

What about the b list dc villains Bug and Byte, are they twins?

Posted by trky1

great list!

Posted by blackstormtorrent
@trky1: thank you
Posted by blackstormtorrent
@Donovan Montgomery:  yea crimson fox are twins thank u
Posted by Jeddd

It's interesting how many of these twins have super speed: Northstar, Aurora, Speed, Quicksilver, Mas, Menos, Barry Allen, Dawn + Don West and I'm sure there's more. Wonder if there's some sort of connection?

Posted by blackstormtorrent

@Jeddd: thats a really good queston never really thought about that now i need to have a deep think lol

Posted by darkmagik

Yeah good list, but are missing Leong and Nga Coy Manh ;)

Posted by blackstormtorrent

@darkmagik: well spotted thanks gonna update now

Posted by darkmagik

You can add Chuck and Buzz Grimm too

Posted by darkmagik

and Crimsom Crusader, Imp

Posted by Agypt2020

Okay you did twins how about other than Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman, list of husband and wife teams?

Posted by ThatGuyWithHeadPhones

Wow their a weird amount of twin speedsters

Posted by AKAWiccan
Posted by Cutter

Ain't someone forgotten something? What about the Kleinstock brothers, from the Acolytes, that they can merge together? Which is Harlan and Sven. I believe they also are twins.

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sky-quake and dread-wing from transformers prime series but one is dead i cant remember

and nice list

Posted by Gizmorino

@blackstormtorrent how do you know apollo and artemis are is not in there character origin and i haven't seen any connections........please i would like to know