i just went to go see avengers the movie and what i saw was the best action pack funny comic book movie i have ever seen for a comic book reader it has ticked all of the boxes for a awesome exprience im on such a high and im thinking about seeing this movie again. Good job joss whedon great job marvel FIVE STARS :)

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zombies walking dead roller disco

hi comicviners how you doing just wanted to share my love for zombies and everything zombies. For halloween i dressed up as a zombie school girl cause i wanted to scare people i love walking dead and i have read every single issue watched all recent eps. On halloween i wanted to show my love for zombies so i went on youtube to find out how to do my make up and was sucessfull and now i will show u what i came up with i hope u like

i was at a roller disco for halloween reason i was wearing skates lol a skating zombie.