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@kilowog52: and I love the writers for that... IMO they nailed his attitude and personality I just don't like how easily he was beaten by his own son! I can't help but picture him as a more experienced, resourceful and possibly dirty fighter.

@joshmightbe: I thought it was a nice homage to the old Justice League's Wally and that he deserved to be the first to enter the speed force seeing how he was always slower than the others...

I also loved how GL: TAS used Bruce Timm's art style to base their CG designs on...

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Young Justice was by far my favorite of the two... I loved Green Lantern TAS too but I couldn't help but feel like there was way better stories they could have told. It just didn't live up to it's potential for me!

  • Why did you love the show? The character development in YJ was awesome! It was great to see these sidekicks try to make a name for themselves! I loved the villains, the cameos and the art direction. It totally felt like the DC universe and unlike with some of their comic titles for once I wasn't thinking I could tell a better tale I was just sitting back and taking it all in!
  • What were your favorite episodes? Ooh lets see there was Bloodlines, Summit and Endgame
  • Who were your favorite characters? Black Manta (even though I'd like to think he's a way better fighter than they portayed him as), Aqualad, Impulse, Static Shock & Apache Chief
  • What was your favorite scenes? Everytime the Flashes got together!!! All the team ups in "Alienated" & Black Lightning offering to mentor Virgil
  • What was your favorite fights? All of them!
  • Who were your favorite villains? Vandal Savage, Ras al Ghul, Mongul, Despero & Black Bettle
  • Who made your favorite cameos? Adam Strange, Icon, Guy Gardner, Lobo & Darkseid
  • "Wolverine and the X-men", "Spectacular Spider-man", "Avengers EMH", "Star Wars TCW" and now "Young Justice"

    Why do the good die young? Aaaaahhhhhh

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    @BlackArmor: @Twentyfive: @ARMIV2: @Loki9876: @Iamlovewithin500: @SoA: @Mega_spidey01:@Vance Astro: @shrmntnk62: @WaveMotionCannon: @TheAntiReVamp:

    first of all thank you so much for the comments, critiques and praise but before I post part two I wanted to hear from you, If this movie was made...

    What would you want to see come next for the King of Wakanda?

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    @shrmntnk62: Thanks dude means a lot and yeah I think Marvel's got their priorities screwed up a bit :(

    @Vance Astro: I really tried not to debate over it but she's perfect for that role and is a lot sexier and gifted at acting than people give her credit...

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    @WaveMotionCannon said:

    From your keyboard to God's ears. This needs to happen ASAP!

    Glad u like :D

    @Mega_spidey01: It's an awesome fighting style but it's so not panther-like... Check this vid... I wish I could just cut out the music tho but this is way more how I imagined his style... Or if thats too extreme I could also see T'Challa fighting like Michael Jai White does...

    Ohh and I checked out Gus on youtube... I get what you're saying but gus doesn't have that royal blood badassness! Close tho :P

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    @Mega_spidey01: I haven't thought a whole lot about that but I always imagined a fighting style like capoiera but without the dancing. I know that that's what allows those fighters to pull those power moves but it would be interesting IMO to see a style like that.

    @TheAntiReVamp said:

    Morgan Freeman,Every movie needs him.

    His name adds a lot of credibility to a movie... Think of Thor, no one knew Chris Hemsworth but everyone knew Anthony Hopkins and the supporting cast. I think this cast would be able to bring out a lot of non comic fans in the same way!

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    @ARMIV2: Thanks man glad u like :P

    @Twentyfive: I'm so stoked u actually think this has potential. Definitely keep an eye out for part two and three and don't be surprised if I do just that :P

    @BlackArmor: They haven't done it yet cauz they don't know how lol the moment they realize that the key to it not being a black movie is by plain ol' just making a movie of exceptional quality then they'll get to work on it but a lot of the people in the industry only know how to stereotype and over cliche. To them those are the two things that make a great film but they're wrong!

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    @BlackArmor: Still got my fingers crossed :P

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    @BlackArmor said:

    Why are so many comments about Storm, she can't even legally be in the movie.....

    That being said this is amazingly thought out and cool, I'm not sure about the documentary thing and like I said before Storm can't actually be in it at least not unchanged, but I'm looking forward to seeing more of this

    lol honestly I'd rather ten comments about Storm than none at all :P I mean I did put her in there knowing full well she has her own fan base and that I probably will never see this movie made...

    I'm really happy you were able to recognise the thought and effort that went behind it... the hand-held/documentary styles is way too risky for Marvel but I would still like to see it done.

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    @Loki9876: That could work too lol thanks for commenting... :)