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Lord Doom says:

"BlackPool says:
"It wasn't about you..."
Yea ok.You said the words "your" or "you" 4 times but that post ws totally about Emma and Deadpool."

If you want to get technical, you misspelled "was".

And, please enlighten me how Deadpool would lose in a PM or somethinbg because I have yet to be convinced of it.

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It wasn't about you...

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Vance Astro says:

"Korg says:
"I explained the diamond part already. How could she get close enough to Deadpool if he is just flipping around shooting at her? Maybe Organic diamond has different properties than real diamond, but even so, she has a rather large flaw. One shot to the face could shatter her entire body. The argument of "so and so lost to X who is weaker than Y, therfore Y wins" is completely illogical and has been proven wrong time and again. Captain America taking down Hulk, Batman taking out who knows how many people who were much stronger than him, etc."
So now your going to make it seem as if Emma can't catch Deadpool? Emma can put up a psi-forcefield which Deadpool can't shoot through...and throw sh!t telepathically all day.The Diamond form does have a flaw but how can exploit a flaw you don't know about? My thoery of Deadpool not beating regular humans so therefore can't beat Emma isn't far off.Has a regular human ever beat Emma? No! Captain America taking down Hulk is bad writing and everyone knows it.Deadpool is show repeatedly losing to people with no powers.Batman is DC so i'm not even going to comment on him.Either way you can blow off my other arguments if you want.If Emma puts up a psi-shield..there is nothing Deadpool can do to hit her and she can throw cars,equipment...anything that is near by at him with her mind..he's not fast enough to dogde everything..if he didn't have healing factor, several characters would have killed him already."

By all of your comments about Deadpool, you seem to know NOTHING whatsoever about him. In every single fight you see him against, you instantly say he loses just because you obviously don't like him. Maybe you should try picking up a comic before you instantly assume he will lose when it's ver blatent that he will win. Yes, he's lost to people in the past, but half of them he was clearly not trying. He talks through the entire fight showing that he's putting forth near-nothing effort, yet the other people are struggling just to keep up with him. He normally lets them beat him. At one time, he was losing fights intentionally and trying to kill himself because he wanted to be with Death. So to sum all that up, stop posting presumptions.

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That's a great losing reply.

Very direct.

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Plus, Sandman should come back instead of beaing a puy.

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Is everyone forgetting Vulture? And what about the guy with the fish bowl for a head? Somehow, I'm forgetting his name.
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I'm definitely going to have to say Ra's Ah Ghul. In my opinion, it's way more competitive between the two because like others said before, he's pretty much on Batman's level with just about everything which is pretty impressive, if I might add. But, I could see how others would choose the Joker because of sheer unpredictability. Given the chance, he would kill Batman almost always. Yet, he's always outsmarted or thwarted which brings us back to Ra's being smarter. So, I definitely think Ra's is the better adversary.

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I still have to disgree until then fight happens.

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Vance Astro says:

"Smoke Shade says:
"and that scan with DD means nothing cause he was taking on like 5 diff supper heroes at once, one of them being cap"
GTFOH.Daredevil was already beating the crap out of him.Daredevil didn't even touch him after the other superheroes jumped in.So you can't say that Daredevil wasn't getting best of him on his own because DD was beating the crap out of him for about 7-10 panels before Cap interrupted."

come on Vance, you don't truly believe that Daredevil can me Deadpool, do you? I mean, I know DD is good but I'm going to have to say that if DD was in the way of DP then he would be going to lose.

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i'd like to see deadpool as a skrull and then the real deadpool be smartmouthing the other skrulls as their torturing him on their planet.

i hope that happens.