IM scared bout DC revamp!

Im starting to think if everything that i love so much is goin to be destroyed in september... 
Well i guess if it does i will stop spending so much money in comic book stores! :P

Not so happy with Catwoman for September

Thesis delievered, great, but Ive seen stuff around that Catwoman number 1 might not continue with Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle relationship... 
I loved this pair sooo much, i have no luck at all! 
They asked Judd Winnick this: 
"Do you think making Selina more dangerous and more amoral brings the Batman/Catwoman relationship away from just being lovers and back to that antagonistic relationship they originally had in the comics?"

He answered: 
"Yeah, I think from Selina's perspective, if you are a thief the dumbest thing you can do is be involved with Batman in any way shape or form, and there she is. I think Batman and Catwoman make for a very interesting pairing, let's say. "


Joker knows who Bruce is... Right?


Does anyone here thinks that the Joker now knows who the real Batman is?

I mean... after all those panels in Batman Rip... he actually took his mask and called Jezebel, while she was calling Bruce ...

They were both standing right there!!!!

Soooo what do you guys think of it?

I mean... its really weird... and after all that stuff goin on in Batman & RObin with Oberon Sexton...

tell me about it!

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