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ugh Marvel trying to make Inhumans a thing. Read the first issue and it sucked.

I couldn't agree more. And because I have Amazing Spider-Man #1, I have that piece of mediocre dribble in two books I own. I hope Dante gets used in another book like the new Avengers title, because him and Medusa were the only reasons I was interested in reading. I like the concept of him.

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I'm hopeful for this series, it's clear that Marvel wants this book to be a success, with its promotion and the attention they're giving it. Wood's also recently done work for the all-female X-Men series, which isn't bad and is also a promoted book. Sad to see Warren leave, but he's hinted at it for a while so... let's give the Woods, big or small (ha) a try. I'm sticking with this one.

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Besides the ones shown here, I have a few favorites of my own. (Yes, some of them are West Coast Avengers, but these center on Moon Knight as a member)

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Moon Knight. Punisher, Deadpool and Scarlet Spider are tops for me as well.

Moon Knight is currently becoming a hot property and has his own series, but is currently an unknown to many non-comic fans. He could use some attention.

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...I picked up the first issue. The art is amazing, the dialogue is ok, the story makes sense for the character, but it's not for me. At least not worth putting another comic on my pull.

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Love these choices! Here's how I would do it...

New additions/ in-game:

Black Canary (for aforementioned reasons you stated)

Black Manta (same aforementioned reasons)

Plastic Man (unorthodox fighting style; lets the creators go nuts)

Mirror Master (Flash villain I would choose. Killer Frost in the game made me not choose Cap. Cold. Also, mirrors in combat capacity? That would be awesome!)

Starfire (Teen Titans represent)

Wildcat (Tell me this character ISN'T fighting game material. Boxing, excellent hand-to-hand, in-your-face style)

Captain Atom (NUCLEAR POWER ATTACKS. That is all.)


S.T.R.I.P.E. (He's one of my fav underrated characters, plus has lots of options for mech suit combat, but different enough from Luthor)

Black Lightning (Jefferson Pierce has mastered electricity in ways Shazam's boy scout can only dream of)

Mongul (Superman's biggest and toughest thorn in his side. Could replace Ares)

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I don't care about the aesthetics,that,s fine, but they still put lips on them... WHY DO THEY HAVE LIPS?!

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@sammo21 said:

Hopefully can get a couple of the awesome variants for this too. That Skottie Young one is awesome looking.

So much yes, I need that variant for my Moon Knight collection!

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My dream villain list for movies

Superman/Batman: Luthor (you don't want to fill up this movie with too many things) Maybe Killer Frost or the Shade as filler, moderate-level threats for Batman or Superman.

Man of Steel 2: Brainiac

Man of Steel 3: Mongul... or PARASITE (Seriously, why is he not on the list?)

Justice League 1: Darkseid

Justice League 2: Starro

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"Inhabitants of Gotham, this is Judge Dredd. In case you people have forgotten, this city operates under the same rules as the rest of the country. Batman is not the law... I am the law."

Ok, that gave me shivers up my spine. Awesome!!