Been a while

Hey guys sorry for not being on as much I have been going through this and that and questioning wither or not I should post stuff on here. I mean does anyone really look for a colorist's work?

That is mostly my thinking on it. Though to be honest on my tumblr doesn't get lot of hits either but eh I am going through this and that I have posted comic book themed art just been kinda wondering if it is worth showing here when you can get official stuff by pros.

Ah self doubt it's a wonderful thing

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Ivy With Man Eating Plant Speed Paint

Lines by tashotoole

The Speed paint (warning bad harley quinn impersonation ahead)

finished work

Oh and if any one is curious when it comes to the plant I did a reference to one of my favorite man eating plant. Come on lets see if any one gets it. come on you know you know who this mean green mother from outer space....(come on I gave you a good hint)

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Glamazon Coloring

Thank you gleidsonaraujo for letting me color this


Inking was done buy me

Okay let me explain title and speed paint if you are watching. Okay I have done Wonder Woman multiple times and well I asked my friends for an idea for a title for this one....My friend Jeff Suggested the name Amazon. Then he went "Now wait even better Glamazon and you can use that song you like to hum and lip sync to" And then I knew he was talking about Glamazon buy Rupaul so um yea. Hey wonder woman is a strong powerful sexy semi Glamorous woman right? (If you have issue go after Jeff lol) That and a friend of mine on Tumblr who is a big comic book fan also is a Rupaul fan and yea what is wrong with a little Rupaul in your life right....

So yea as I stated I have Done Wonder Woman before I am a fan of her (I can name more wonder woman villains than I can superman what does that tell you). So yea....Think I went a little star crazy huh?

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