My latest work part 1

I know I haven't been active as of late, So I will make it up to you guys. How you may ask? I will post up all the work I have done as of late....I will provide links and what not so you can get better views. Oh this will be fun. I am doing this from oldest to newest. I hope you enjoy it.

This is like the first part The Second part will be up soon. Hold on a second okay guys

Hope Summers


Arkham City Harley

The Joker

Lord and Lady Deadpool

Karolina Dean from the Runaways

Captain America Ready For Battle

Somber Captain America

Stars and Spikes Wonder Woman

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Been a while

Hey guys sorry for not being on as much I have been going through this and that and questioning wither or not I should post stuff on here. I mean does anyone really look for a colorist's work?

That is mostly my thinking on it. Though to be honest on my tumblr doesn't get lot of hits either but eh I am going through this and that I have posted comic book themed art just been kinda wondering if it is worth showing here when you can get official stuff by pros.

Ah self doubt it's a wonderful thing

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Ivy With Man Eating Plant Speed Paint

Lines by tashotoole

The Speed paint (warning bad harley quinn impersonation ahead)

finished work

Oh and if any one is curious when it comes to the plant I did a reference to one of my favorite man eating plant. Come on lets see if any one gets it. come on you know you know who this mean green mother from outer space....(come on I gave you a good hint)

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