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@PrinceAragorn1 said:

@Blacklightning13: I doubt kakashi could win without using any jutsu at all.. With his jutsu, I'm with him, but without it? He's the technique expert, isn't he?

That's true. But he still has his Sharigan and superior speed. So he can predict Deadpools movements, copy them then strike when Deadpool is facing the other way. A Kunai to the back of the head is all it takes. The fight only requires a KO, it doesn't matter if Deadpool heals.

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@The_Lunact_And_Manic said:

@Blacklightning13: Deadpool can't die.

Yes he can. He just comes back to life almost instantaneously.

@soaringturkeys said:


Kakashi does not have strength. Deadpool clearly and easily has the strength factor.

He takes Nuclear Bombs and lives. He can walk around and recover with just his body alone

He's fallen from above the atmosphere and still survive

He even talked and recovered from being in a puddle state.

Kakashi has absolutely nothing that can put Deadpool down.

Even with Kamui, Deadpool is fast enough to dodge and recover whatever it is that Kakashi throws at him.

Have you seen them jump through the trees with basically no effort? That requires strength. Have you seen them move faster then the human eye without using chackra? That is a sign of strength. Being able to weild Zabuza's sword easily and effectively with one hand, that is a sign of extreme strength. None of these require effort, he could easily pump chackra into that part of his body and increase his strength by a lot.

You seem to forget he doesn't need to put Deadpool down. He just needs to remove or severely damage his head (for example, put a hole through it).

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@soaringturkeys: It's KO. So He only needs to cut off his head with a raikiri.

Without Juitsu it is a lot more fair.

With Juitsu it would be a hard stomp. He would be able to use his Kamui to either turn intangible, then suprise him and kill him or he could wait until Deadpool is in close then suck him into another dimension. But since BFR isn't a loud he couldn't do the second one.

Without Juisu it is a harder fight. Kakashi could still predict Deapools movements and copy his skills using his Sharingan. That gets rid of Deadpools unpredictability advantage, but he still has skill on his side.

I think Kakashi would end up winning, he has both a speed and strength bonus, not to mention he can see through walls, in slow motion, can predict movements and the longer the fight lasts the more of Deadpools movements he can duplicate.

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They would soon realise that Sheldon is immature and they would quickly strip him down and he would throw a hissy fit. Patrick isn't really in the league of the other 2, he's excellent but not as good as either House or Holmes.

  1. Religion. I think House would win, he comes from a more open minded time and he would have more knowledge about other religeons.
  2. Homosexuality. House. Time that he comes from advantage.
  3. Drug Use. House, Knowledge on the topic. Also House has had years of medical work, Holmes has had 1 day at most.
  4. Bullying. Holmes, i think he has an edge in intelligence, just in other questions he has a time he comes from disadvantage.
  5. Relationship/Sex. Patrick. He is the only social genius.
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Maybe as a begginning to the JLA movie Robin as Batman tries to gather the super powered people together to face a threat he knows about. Then the unknown enemy kills him to stop him from warning the others. This then sparks interest from the others and Bruce Wayne is called in to help (by Gordon as a plan in case of Robin dieing). Thus the group is gathered together to fight the enemy, and the problem of who is batman is solved.

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Collosus for the win. A gravity hammer fuel rod combo could stun him and deal out some damage but it wouldn't be able to put him down for good.

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I personally don't believe he is a prpe lord. He is just really good. He is often mistaken for the best because he has the most talked about prep, also due to him already have done the prep its like he has done a months prep in an hour. He just needs to get the prep he has already done ready.

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@SexualLobster said:

@Blacklightning13: Why not Iron Man?

He's got just as much firepower as them, and is probably more durable, plus all his tech that could really mess with mechanical opponents.

He's much faster than any of them, and could probably severely damage the most powerful decepticons with his repulsars.

I give Iron Man a better chance than Hulk tbh, because Hulk is too stationary. Iron man has tech, ranged firepower, brute strength, flight, and intelligence on his side.

He doesn't have as much firepower as an army of decepticons. What do you mean by his tech? Do you mean hacking into them? Because I don't think that would work, they are biological machines they aren't really computers I don't think.

He's more compact in durability you could say but they simply have more mass to be destroyed so should come out on top.

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@SexualLobster said:

Avengers easily, Hulk and Thor could most likely solo, and Iron Man would most likely solo too.

Ironman? Hell no. Thor yes, Hulk would also probably.

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Piccolo with a lower power level used a single one handed blast and blew up the moon. Raditz could kill him in pretty much anyway you could think of.