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So... let me get this straight... Black Cat is a villain in the Spider-Man 2 movie so... she's now a villain in the comics and we create a really contrived explanation as to why... possessed peter beat her up. *sigh*

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They both need to go. I just want a decent artist on the book... why is this too much to ask for? Good news is... apparently I can get a job drawing for Marvel Comics now.

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I'd love Black Cat but, the way they have her in the movies.. they already ruined the character for the most part. I don't think they did enough of a set-up to launch her in her own movie. Still... *crosses fingers* I am hoping. This means I'm betting on Jessica Drew. Hey back story is enough to draw people in without needing all the back history. Honestly, if done right, so is Black Cat... father is a prison... goes into crime to break him out as he's dying...

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I'm simply glad to have Moonknight back who isn't a psychopath or has heroes in his brain. Just give me my classic Moon Knight, I have no idea why that was so much to ask for. Loving this series.

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I loved it!! Great blend of action and comedy. I've heard people criticize Ronan I had no problems with his performance at all.

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I'm curious why the new dazzler outfit is being featured under the good section.

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I have two problems with the Dazzler issue. One, that cover is horrible. Two, Why? We're moving Dazzler into grunge... that went out in the 1990's.. so we have to move her from one music theme to another cause... she's a singer and apparently that's all she knows or something. I personally love Dazzler, I just wish someone would please treat her with a little respect and let the character shine. Stop making her what she isn't.

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Totally disagree with this decision. Taskmaster won because of popularity only. In my opinion Taskmaster has Vibranium, something Deathstroke has no access to and that is a definite game changer.

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I guess I'm in the minority. Deathstroke can use 10% more of his brain and react extremely quickly I grant you, but Taskmaster's equipment is superior to Deathstroke's. Taskmaster has more skills than Deathstroke, having spent his time mastering different fighting forms, Taskmaster can switch to counter Deathstroke's moves. Taskmaster has encountered people who move faster than him before, be it Spider-man or Quicksilver but he has learned to counter their moves and anticipate their attacks. All in all, I go with Taskmaster in a straight out hand-to-hand attack.

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The show failed because it was too popular with female viewers who those in charge deemed would not purchase action figures to make it truly profitable.