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I have so many problems with this issue I don't even know where to start. Okay, when did Black Cat become a thief again? Last I knew she was running Cat's Eye Investigations and working as security for Jonah Jameson, now she's a thief robbing a store? Can someone explain this to me please cause I'm really confused.

The issue itself to me was just there. No real character development except to make Black Cat hate Spider-Man which, is fine but, if anyone could tell that wasn't Peter, it should have been her. I was looking forward to her appearance and she only got 3 pages, I feel ripped off.

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@akbogert: They would and here's why. When I told people why I didn't like this series I was met with, who cares, it's not like death is permanent at Marvel.

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Well, X-23 and Nico live so, I'm not going postal about this book. However, they announced Arcade is going to be in the next series. As a result, I'm not sure anything gets accomplished. As a result we have a bunch of heroes put in an arena where they kill each other for no reason at all rather than band together to take out Arcade and in the end they don't even kill the enemy. All in all a useless book with a rehashed premise. Very glad I didn't waste money on this tripe.

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For me it's the small things that lets me geek out a bit. I was amused by the introduction of Sin, Black Canary and the fact she's staying in a watch tower was just awesome.

As for the Batman / Green Arrow comparisons... yes, I think they're pretty obvious. But then again, Green Arrow was a batman spoof in an attemptto capitalize on his popularity when he first came out until he involved into a character of his own,.

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I think you miss understand, I honestly do not care about the deaths, except to say that the premise of this book is to take heroes and make them behave in a manner against their hero training. That said, he seems to have backed off that premise, but the entire premise of the book is just bad and further goes to support the complaint that Marvel can not come up with original plots.

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I love the char but... find myself wondering who would voice her... oh who am I kidding, it'd be Tara Strong, she does everything..

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*Yawn* It's not like anyone believes they are really dead, they're not going to kill everyone off and, every year they pull this stupid Crime Syndicate thing. Yes, powerful JLA villains... can we please do something new? Isn't that why we did this whole reboot?

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I just get to the point where I have to say... why? I feel when the X-Men joined the Avengers these books were just completely ruined. It's like we're just piling books with characters who are popular cause people will buy it, and it seems to be working. So, sadly I've dropped all X-Men, Avengers and FF books.

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What I find truely amazing about this is, since this posting I've been berated with articles about how the media panned Michael Keaton as Batman, audience reaction to Keith Ledger as Joker, and people's reactions to Christian Bale as Batman. It's as if the movie company is trying (too desperately in my opinion) to defend their choice. People will think what they think. Me? I think they went with an actor who has a built in base, both good and bad. Some will see it for him, others will oppose it for the same reason and no amount of convincing will sway these people. The rest, just make a good movie and wait and see.

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Can you say cheap ploy... knew you could.