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I have to agree, based on the fact she knew the Minotaur, Roz Soloman has to be there somewhere whether it's just her or if she fused with Freya I can't say.

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@jayc1324: It's issue 2. It appears you do not like suspense but rather want everyone to come out and immediately tell you what's going on. The first issue was all Thor. The second issue we get to see her do something. I learned a lot from this issue, the constant thinking in human speaking in Asgardian was interesting to me. Sorry you didn't like it, but you can't please everyone.

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So Bullseye got better? Last I heard he was essentially useless physically.

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Spider Woman I'm fine with although personally I did not get the Spider-verse and thought the whole concept to be a contrived way to introduce characters. Silk I simply hate. I'm sorry, but she's been here for 6 issues and already gets a book? Does she seriously have this kind of popularity? I'm suspecting not.

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Personally I found Cupid to be funny. Sure she's the flavor of the month villain but I actually enjoyed watching the episode. I do agree the whole Oliver can't move on aspect is getting over done and they need to move on, it is starting to eel a bit like a soap opera. Then again they kept that up for a long time in Smallville and it worked well in their ratings.

Thea I almost wonder if the plan for her isn't to become a villain. She hasn't told Ollie the truth despite her going postal at people lying to her. I'm kinda expecting her to be the who killed Sarah. I almost hope this is the direction they are headed as I have to agree, I see no point in giving her training, especially since she doesn't seem to be using it.

Finally Captain Boomerang. Come on, you all knew it was coming. He's one of the oldest and most consistent Flash villains out there, has served on the suicide squad in almost all incarnations and has no real powers so he fits both Flash and Arrow.

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I'm going with Bullseye on this. If there was time to prepare and Ollie could get in a position to take him down with a trick arrow I'd go the other way. But random encounter, it's Bullseye all the way.

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My take away here is... Marvel has run out of ideas and is now just re-doing all the things it's done in the past.

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Firestar was always one of my favorite characters but, this issue just seems boring

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Okay, assuming Black Cat is in this issue somewhere... no... I'm wrong. Someone wearing Black Cat's costume is in this somewhere but whoever this person is, it's not Black Cat as the direction she's taken is so out of character I just can't understand it.

Love seeing Mayday, she's always been awesome and her series was just fun. I hope she doesn't die either and seriously doubt she will.

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Hey, created a website to try to save Black Cat and bring her back to how she was. Maybe nothing will happen but, the more people who help the better the chance. the website is