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Of course, just as they launch a star wars series that has me interested... sigh... thanks Marvel

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Starlord still confuses me... I thought maybe this was a new one but, seems not. So, we just change the character for the movie and... give no explaination why he's younger and less experienced than before? Oh well, love the series but I miss the old Starlord.

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My problem is that people are giving Bane victory due to intelligence and stealth. They are 30 feet away in a random encounter. Stealth will never come into play. I actually go with Bullseye. Hes a better throwers than Batman and would go for instant kill shots. His adamantium skeleton would surprise Bane long enough for an instant kill via sai

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I still wanna know if it was ever addressed how Starlord went from a 30ish something grizzled war veteran to a punk kid... damn that Cancerverse is strange...

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I hate they take the choice away from me about this. I want to read a book about the heroes, not villains for the next year and heroes struggling with people locked away. This is dragging on way too long and already bored.

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Sadly I was most interested in Medusa. Doubt I'll get this. Fantastic Four hasn't interested me in years. Want to get my attention have reed stand trial for his Illumination involvement.

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@mezmero: The beautiful thing is, when people aren't happy with something they have a right to say it, just as those who like it have the right to criticize as well. You want to talk about how great the series is, cool. Personally, not for me. I refuse to read a book about a villain. Sorry, you don't kill the main character and expect me to support it, just not gonna happen. But hey, I don't get Avengers Arena either. As for me, I merely do what I think anyone who doesn't like the book should, namely don't buy it.

What amazes me are the people who are buying the book and complaining how much they dislike it. That seems counterproductive to me.

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I have so many problems with this issue I don't even know where to start. Okay, when did Black Cat become a thief again? Last I knew she was running Cat's Eye Investigations and working as security for Jonah Jameson, now she's a thief robbing a store? Can someone explain this to me please cause I'm really confused.

The issue itself to me was just there. No real character development except to make Black Cat hate Spider-Man which, is fine but, if anyone could tell that wasn't Peter, it should have been her. I was looking forward to her appearance and she only got 3 pages, I feel ripped off.

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@akbogert: They would and here's why. When I told people why I didn't like this series I was met with, who cares, it's not like death is permanent at Marvel.

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Well, X-23 and Nico live so, I'm not going postal about this book. However, they announced Arcade is going to be in the next series. As a result, I'm not sure anything gets accomplished. As a result we have a bunch of heroes put in an arena where they kill each other for no reason at all rather than band together to take out Arcade and in the end they don't even kill the enemy. All in all a useless book with a rehashed premise. Very glad I didn't waste money on this tripe.