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@the_impersonator: Well, one flaw in this I see is, where did Captain Cold and Heatwave get their gun? If history changed that much, there is no Flash and thus Cisco never made the cold gunj to slow Flash down.

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You're kidding me... right? I mean, don't get me wrong, with Black Cat's complete character assassination I'm not exactly a Slott fan either. However, his books sell 90-100k. There is no way they are getting rid of their cash cow unless Slott decides he doesn't want to do it any more.

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Will have to wait and see. I do like the new Thor. Falcap I liked better as Falcon to be honest. Iron Man I despise and drop any book he appears in so, if he's in the book that's a deal breaker for me but hey, it might not be Stark so I'm holding out hope. I just don't understand how anyone can work with Stark. He stabbed the Avengers in the back in Civil War, hunted his own friends the minute after the law became official then went on to stay a jackass after the whole inversion thing.

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It's really too early to tell how well the sales move will work out. All we know for sure is the first issue was an immense success. I do suspect Silk will not drop below the 20k mark any time soon. My issue with her is, I just don't see anything uniquely hers is all. She's a female Spider-Man, but so is Spider-Girl. I guess time will tell as she develops.

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Bring it as solidly as you want, my issue is, Black Cat has never been a villain and portraying her as one is something I simply can not abide.

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@warlordeternal: Freaking out no. I have no problem with the kiss per se, my only issue is staying in character. We're going to believe that out of the blue Catwoman is suddenly bi despite having never been attracted to women before? If this kind of thing was hinted at or even suggested I'd have no issue at all. I just think it was done for cheap sales and controversy not to progress a story line.

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I haven't really been following the series but I was left wondering, why dis Doc Green decide to go after his friends first? Was that ever resolved? I kinda stopped reading it when that happened as I lost interest in this version of the Hulk.

I do kinda like Mess, I hope she's okay. The Gamma Corps had a lot of potential which was never realized.

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The Asian kid is Amadeus Cho. And while I have no problem with the team, why are we calling them the Runaways? I am kinda partial to the initial team. It's kinda like taking Spider-Man, Daredevil, Hyperion and White Queen and calling them Power Pack.

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I have to go with X-23. She has unbreakable bones, enhanced strength and reflexes and a healing factor. While I do not deny Lady Shiva is a superior fighter, I think X-23 would take a kill shot for the chance to get a strike in and count on her healing factor to keep her alive.

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@saren: Well... I do not think Odin is in his right mind. If he was he would realize the enchantment he placed on the hammer himself determined it should go to whomever is worthy and he wouldn't be so upset it went to someone else. Also, never saw him flip out like this when Betaray Bill took up the hammer. Thus I must determine somehow Odin is being influenced.