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I'm kinda interested in Squadron Sinister. Might check out Civil War 2099 but that's it/ I'm spider-anything'd to death.

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Oh well... I see why it has to be Reed and all but come on, why does it always have to boil down to Doom vs Reed? Why can't we mix things up. Beside... you want to fix things, Reed's son as I recall rebuilt the entire universe after Onslaught so... he can just do it again

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My issue with this is... this is the first film I've ever seen where they explicitly told the actors NOT to read the comic. And... why the hell are Sue and Johnny different colors? Aren't they brother and sister?

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HaHaHa... okay... a little late for April Fool's but... wait... you're serious?

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I'm finding very little to like in this book. I hate the new look for Aquyaman. I mean, the character looks absolutely nothing like him. This new costume is an atrocity of color... so what? Lex leaves his purple and green so we need to put someone else in it... oh, throw in orange too cause... that makes it better.

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Somehow they went with this when the true reason for the change was the pressure DC was getting from the activist groups who saw Wonder Woman as a symbol of sexism. So in reality the change was made to please a group of people who do not even read comics. Now, that being said I can't say the changed they made were necessarily bad. The look is sleek, not sure it's honestly needed but, I'm not really opposed to it one way or the other.

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Deadpool I used to like, but Marvel tends to take a popular character and run them into the ground. So, while I like Deadpool, I prefer him in smaller doses.

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@scouterv: I'm with you. 3.99 for a comic is already outrageous, 5.99? Right out.

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Well... with all this negativity toward Amazing Spider-Man, which I'm happy to see kind you, really means very little if his sales keep exceeding 80k an issue. I personally have dropped all spider books in protest over the portrayal of Black Cat as being a psychopath and the latest issue where she tries to burn people alive for buying items she once possessed is absolutely ridiculous.

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*sigh* I have no doubt the writing on Silk is fun which is missing in comics these days. However, what I do not like and no one seems to want to comment on is... Black Cat. This is not her. She's never been outright evil and certainly not some possession obsessed psychotic villain. I just have a very hard time supporting this portrayal of her.