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I think Sam Wilson as Cap is kinda like Otto as Spider-Man, you're either gonna love it or hate it, there is no middle ground here. I think they did too much too soon, replacing Cap, Thor as well as the whole personality switch. We get Superior Iron Man. So maybe that's the reason but, just not on board with the new Cap.

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@save_me_now: Yeah, the sooner you realize most of the writers seem to thing they're writing Catwoman the better. I mean Black Cat's comment... I commit a crime and you let me go... since when do they have that relationship?

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Yeah, Black Cat as the underworld mastermind just not buying it. It's not a good fit for her, nor is she evil. This is a woman who tried to cure her friends cancer in Diva's, found out Mr. Negative's secret for Spider-Man, risked her live over and over to help her friends and suddenly I'm supposed to believe she just decided... spider-man hit me... screw it I'm evil now? So yes, I really hope we see the good side of Black Cat again and she leaves this crime lord nonsense behind her.

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I haven't been following the Avengers in a VERY long time since they threw every book they had into the Avengers team. So... are the good guys still reduced to small size or did that get fixed yet?

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I guess. This plot honestly seems rather contrived. I mean, mutiple universes of Spider-Men which seem to really only be serving to introduce new characters who immediately go off and get their own series. I'm sorry, just can't get behind this story arc.

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Okay, seriously. Tell me a series that was amazing the first season... I can't really think of one so they must be rare. Shows get better with time and writers having that time to develop the plot,. As for Constantine, he's a great character but I suspect most people aren't even aware he's a comic character. Personality I think they've pretty much nailed him. I hope they get a second chance to fully develop the plots now.

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So let me get this straight... hulk desides to depower the gamma's he helped create and rather than going after the leader and other villains he targets his friends? Why would I was to read about this? Give me a hero I can actually root for.

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@judasnixon: No, you're most definitely wrong. I actually love the Selena Kyle character.

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Well.. my theory is, everyone loved Doctor Octopus as Spider-Man, we're going to see which heroes people like as villains and go from there. However, Enchantress has been good before, so has Mystique and I must say I like them both. Wouldn't mind either of them staying on the good side for a while.

I just want to know why the good guys always lose. I mean in civil war Captain America's team never seemed to gain any traction. And now the good heroes are shrunken and put out of the way. Why can't we ever get any serious conflict between the two teams?

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Honestly, when you're dealing with a character who is as powerful as he thinks he is, and he's as full confidence, how could the sentry hope to win?