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Well... I was enjoying the new Thor, but after the discovery of her real identity I kinda lost interest. I'd hoped they would have taken it in a whole new direction. I am hoping perhaps Secret Wars can at least fix the Black Cat issue and bring her back to the character I loved instead of the generic stereotype villain she is now.

Steve Rogers and Tony Stark fixed would be nice. I had actually expected Tony and Steve to be fixed by the Avengers movie so that was a surprise.

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I guess we will see how this does. My suspicion is, it will go the same way the Exiles did when they changed the cast. Throw in favorites like Skaar and Jubilee, ass Molly as a tie-in with the previous team and hope people get it.

Me, I'm disillusioned at how quickly they throw away good books like the Runaways and Young Avengers and then re-introduce the concept with this.

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Pass. Has only one character I like, The art to me looks cartoonish and no Niko. Pass

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Meh. This whole Secret Wars is just rehashing concepts they already did cause they couldn't think of anything original.

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Just glad to see Halo again

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@cgoodness: I'm sorry... did I hear Secret Wars was the end of the pr stunt? Cause that's all it is.

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@the_impersonator: Well, one flaw in this I see is, where did Captain Cold and Heatwave get their gun? If history changed that much, there is no Flash and thus Cisco never made the cold gunj to slow Flash down.

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You're kidding me... right? I mean, don't get me wrong, with Black Cat's complete character assassination I'm not exactly a Slott fan either. However, his books sell 90-100k. There is no way they are getting rid of their cash cow unless Slott decides he doesn't want to do it any more.

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Will have to wait and see. I do like the new Thor. Falcap I liked better as Falcon to be honest. Iron Man I despise and drop any book he appears in so, if he's in the book that's a deal breaker for me but hey, it might not be Stark so I'm holding out hope. I just don't understand how anyone can work with Stark. He stabbed the Avengers in the back in Civil War, hunted his own friends the minute after the law became official then went on to stay a jackass after the whole inversion thing.

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It's really too early to tell how well the sales move will work out. All we know for sure is the first issue was an immense success. I do suspect Silk will not drop below the 20k mark any time soon. My issue with her is, I just don't see anything uniquely hers is all. She's a female Spider-Man, but so is Spider-Girl. I guess time will tell as she develops.