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I'm going with Bullseye on this. If there was time to prepare and Ollie could get in a position to take him down with a trick arrow I'd go the other way. But random encounter, it's Bullseye all the way.

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My take away here is... Marvel has run out of ideas and is now just re-doing all the things it's done in the past.

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Firestar was always one of my favorite characters but, this issue just seems boring

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Okay, assuming Black Cat is in this issue somewhere... no... I'm wrong. Someone wearing Black Cat's costume is in this somewhere but whoever this person is, it's not Black Cat as the direction she's taken is so out of character I just can't understand it.

Love seeing Mayday, she's always been awesome and her series was just fun. I hope she doesn't die either and seriously doubt she will.

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Hey, created a website to try to save Black Cat and bring her back to how she was. Maybe nothing will happen but, the more people who help the better the chance. the website is

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This feels way too rushed. Silk isn't that interesting of a character in the Spider-Man books to begin with and now she's getting her own series? I really think she needs to be developed more and create more of a fan base before going in that direction personally. Comics about female characters never seem to sell well, and when it's about a female character that is a virtual unknown it makes it even harder. I just don't see this book doing well and have to wonder is this isn't to appease Dan Slott as it's his character.

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Well yes, clearly that is the case, look at that cover on Blood Queen. But, Vampirella's outfit you really can't complain about given that she's been around for decades, that's just what she wears. People over the years have tries to adjust it and the fans complain so, she's stuck in a skimpy bathing suit.

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Power of a thousand exploding stars. This enough said. Sentry. Although I really wish Sentry would die a horrible death. That character is too broken to live.

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I keep heaign Selena being overplayed. I honestly didn't think she was really there in the first episode, except in the background occasionally. Hardly shoving a character down our throats. This episode was obviously a Selena one, t I really doubt that will be the case in the future. I do think however she will be part of the regular cast so, expect to keep seeing her.

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Well, we all know Marvel is ruled by the movies, not the other way around. Therefor, as soon as the new Thor or Avengers movie comes out, you can expect Thor to be back.In the mean time, enjoy the show.