DC's smartest characters

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Posted by Blackestnight

I don't read enough DC compared to Marvel to have as accurate of a list. So go ahead and inform me.

Posted by Bankstar21

Joker should be on there.

Posted by D00MSMITH

blue beetle (ted kord) should also be there

Posted by icysloth

I would definitly put Mr. Terrific here

Posted by Blackestnight

@icysloth: he is number 6

Posted by matanuva135

@Blackestnight: Mr Terrific is the 3rd smartest man on earth dude... and why is Batman so low?

Edited by joelx1001

Former Justice League teammate Guy Gardner claims that Ted kord was smarter than Batman, "although nobody ever noticed." i actually dont think batman is that smart of a character he beats opponents that are smarter than him that doesnt make him smarter it means he sees flaws in there plans probably because they have egos, and batman as said that certain characters "tim drake, barbara gordon" are smarter than him so this list makes no sense, also joker i dont think is that smart personally bane is smarter and hugo strange, joker is too insane for intelect and thats what makes him menacing is batman is intelect but joker is crazy and what the fuck superman should be the smartest in all star superman when lex gains supermans powers he sees the endless possibitly because of what superman sees, he just doesnt find it important or doesnt have the need or time for certain things, but he has been shown to be able to read and learn really fast he isnt a dumb shit hell that is why he can defeat lex, also no cyborg?

Edited by Blackestnight

@joelx1001: yes well Guy Gardner is an idiot though. Cyborg I should have added I over looked him.

Posted by MarsUltor

Superman should be higher, Supergirl, Cyborg, and Wendy Harris should be on the list, Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake are both smarter than Batman.

Posted by Redmonkeyssj4

I feel like Wally West should be on this list.

Posted by Bats_Colony

Why is Billy Batson on the list?

Posted by MiamiShaman
Posted by Bats_Colony
Posted by 8PinkLantern8

@joelx1001: Hey I'm late do you have any idea where batman admitted that tim drake and barbra gordon are smarter than him.