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@bluelantern1995: I love how you explained why especially magneto over the actual god of fear. If indigo needs non compassion then give it to vision.

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white? Green?

Your red and blue were the same as mine.

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@w0nd: "

Thing's rock body sucks sense with the super strength they usually can have the durability anyway without looking like freaks.

There are lots of people with super strength who aren't freaks." Yeah try reading what I actually wrote instead of what you anticipated. That was my point just about everyone else with his powers does Not look like a freak.


Spawns soul power which can on be used a limited amount of times before he dies sucks.

He managed pretty well so far."

Because he has other powers. He hasn't used the one that sucks yet but once. Thus why I pointed out that it is useless as he has literally used it one time.


Aquaman summoning fish is pretty useless.

He called a Kraken recently, seems pretty useful to me"

Notice I said the power to summon FISH not sea creatures. Though he can summon whales, and other things he can also summon common fish too that is the power I am saying sucks. Unless he want's to feed a village assuming the fish are even there, this power is worthless.

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Aquaman summoning fish is pretty useless.

Antman summoning ants is pretty stupid too.

Thing's rock body sucks sense with the super strength they usually can have the durability anyway without looking like freaks.

The invisible jet is fine because at first wonder woman could not fly, also I guess she could throw it at someone and they wouldn't know it was coming. It also takes less time to draw.

Medusa(spiderman) using her hair as a weapon is pretty lame. What if it was cut?

Spawns soul power which can on be used a limited amount of times before he dies sucks.

Spiderwoman's pheromone things sucks since 95% of those people would be attracted to her anyway.

Captain America can't get drunk

Toad lol

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Emma would have been good, her last name is already Watson the same as MJ.

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It's modern times. No one would care about the tatts and that can be covered anyway. Plus if she ever needs a clone she actually has one.

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@JimTheSurfer: Comics aren't real life and used to be escapism from all the actual injustice. Something to inspire what ought to be. Spider-man has also been the lighter side of things. Having some old man creep up on the ladies is just disturbing. The way he went to Avengers Tower rather than just phoning them, how he didn't bother to contact MJ or anyone else, it just didn't make any sense. I'm late on the party because I order my comics from Japan and wait until there are a lot so I can save on shipping.

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When and if they bring back Peter Parker, Ill read it again, until then I stop reading it at Spider-man 700. that's why. Part of the draw of comics is about the theme of Justice. Allowing a bad guy to kill Spider-man and take literally everything from him including his girl and family is as unjust as can be. If he starts killing people taking that reputation away too I'll just be even more pissed. They better say Peter is still inside that golden Oct orb thing and have Ironman or Reed or someone find it and figure out how to swap Peter back in and get rid of doctor octopus.

Why wouldn't Peter simply email the Avengers the situation. Dr. Strange or Professor X could verify it. Why wouldn't he have contacted MJ ahead of time? There were too many holes in the Spider-man 700.

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Going hand to hand would be the end of Batman. Wolverine only needs one hit Batman needs a countless number as Wolverine will just heal anyway. Even if Batman ran over him with the Batmobile that's not even close to the power of getting hit by the Hulk or Rulk. Wolverine can take it. Plus Batman doesn't kill and Wolverine does and wolverine wont stop fighting until he wins. With his senses he could track Bruce down if Bruce fled.

Batman has to figure out that Wolverine has a metal skeleton and then use magnets. And he has to do it before Logan tracks him down. When in doubt however, we know everything freezes and Batman does have that Victor Freeze gun he keeps for just such "I dont know what the hell is going on" emergencies, which we saw in blackest night. When he didn't know what the black lantern creatures were he froze them and later froze himself to escape them once he figured out they only see emotions. He also used freezing to destroy the space robots that were eating everything metal.

Batman is going to have to engage Wolverine and then flee once he learns enough about him and can prepare. Otherwise there is no way Batman beats wolverine just with martial arts. Wolverine is not a regular human, he's a mutant.You can't break his bones or dislocate his joints. Hitting him in the face could break your hand.

Now Wolverine is not above using weapons either. We saw him use the phoenix gun. Seeing an opponent with a jet and car etc I can see wolverine going to pack heat or grab a sword before trying to go to the bat cave or waiting for the dark knight to return. Also without overloading his senses Wolverine will sniff Batman out before there can be a surprise attack on a second encounter.

The best case scenario for Batman is to immobilize Wolverine with some kind of strong magnet or by freezing him. Wolverine however can use the suicide bomber tactic going in grenades strapped. He'll survive Batman will not. There are just so many way Wolverine can kill Batman and basically no way for Batman to kill Wolverine. Bruce could and would immobilizing him on the second fight. With each time they fight Batman gains an advantage because he is much more intelligent. But the most dangerous one iss the first one when they don't know anything about each other and that is when I am saying wolverine guts him at least 6 out of 10 times depending on where they were fighting and if Batman could grappling hook out of there and if he had a vehicle waiting otherwise he's a dead man.

Second encounter all Batman no one not omega level beats Batman when he has time to prep.