Just saw the Amazing Spider-man In Japan: dont worry no spoilers

I'm in Japan so I got to see it early. Amazing. Finally they did it right. Stan Lee also had his best Cameo yet. Definitely did a better job of showing him adjust to spider sense, super strength, and sticking to walls/objects. Very good fight scenes, creative use of webbing, wonderful set up for a sequel at the end. Flash was a perfect flash, Gwen was great, the chemistry seemed REAL, they showed how smart she is supposed to be, there was NO EMO Parker in this one. Some Easter eggs in it if you watch carefully. Also don't leave when the credits come up. Family Friendly. Perfect movie to do in 3D.

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Cant wait in America!!

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Glad you liked it! Just got me more pumped for the midnight premiere!

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So was the voice acting in Japanese?

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No emo Parker? YES, This is gonna be awesome.

OK *grabs check list*

  • Convince Dad to watch it the premiere day
  • *writes* Convince he to stay till credits end


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what's so bad about emo spider-man?

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I am such a big Spider man fan so I am super excited for this movie

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@moywar700 said:

what's so bad about emo spider-man?

Nothing... except the fact that his costume's showing.

Thanks for sharing. This thread got me excited.

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Quick question. My sister is visiting at the end of the week and asked me to take my six year old nephew to the movie as he loves Spiderman. Is it going to be ok for him or would the Lizard be a little scary for someone his age?

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@n25philly: I took my three year old. There are a couple of scary parts with the lizard where he hugged onto me. There is one scene with a rat that you may want to cover his eyes. The lizard is not so bad he has a smile shaped face. But when he first appears and i can say this because it is in the trailers you see his hands ripping through a car for Norman's lacky and that's scary because of the music and the darkness etc. The most dramatic thing is probably uncle Ben which I am sure you know he isn't gonna survive. That might be hard for a 6 year old to cope with. But I dont know kids to day see people die all the time. But I would say 6 is fine. I went to gremlins at 6 and I'm fine.