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I enjoy walks in the park, going to the movies, i lov......... wait this is'nt a dating website.... D'oh!! Well all i can say is i enjoy reading comics. And not just any, only Marvel, yeah I’m a Marvel Zombie. But hey i won't eat you or any thing. I mean. Well you get it. I love playing video games; I have Xbox 360 and PS2. Oh and if you haven’t played Dead Rising or Marvel Ultimate Alliance. You should check those out. I also am in the process of writing a comic book. And as soon as I’m finished, I’ll show you guys a sample page or two. I listen to a lot of music. Mostly Rock N' Roll, Heavy Metal, and anything with a good beat. And I’m a big movie buff. I go to the movies at least three or four times a month. But the most important thing to me is family and friends. And if i don't have time i usually am working. Anyway got to go, later.