Speedy vs. Nightwing

Today I'm going to do another Marvel vs. DC battle. today it's Red Arrow vs. Nightwing. Location: Gotham Gear: Red Arrow= Bow and Arrows Nightwing= utility belt and his skills. Tell me what you think!

Posted by Active_Adaptation

Need more info.


Prep time?


Starting distance?


Posted by Batman242

Speedy vs Nightwing? ^ I agree with the guy above, you should state all of that. But seriously, it should be Red Arrow instead... or has that battle been done before? How old was Speedy when he became Red Arrow anyway?

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Posted by naustin07

Marvel vs DC? Aren't they both DC?

Posted by BlackArrow

Sorry about th

Posted by AllStarSuperman

There both DC and night wing doesn't have a utility belt

Posted by dondave

Probably Nightwing

Posted by Batman242

@naustin07: Lol, I didn't even notice that

Posted by naustin07

Nightwing. Agile enough to dodge arrows, then when he gets close enough he is batter h2h fighter

Posted by Batman242

Hell, you should make it Arsenal and give him his bow and arrows to make it fair. I only see one outcome every time.

Posted by e3zombie