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am I the only one who thinks that Optimus Prime riding Grimlock is incredibly dumb?

Your not alone, it looks unbelievably dumb but my inner child has convinced me that it is also unbelievably awesome

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Love this show. Best turtles adaptation ever IMO

I don't think it can even be fairly compared to the great earlier seasons of the 2003 series but to each his own

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It's pretty good, I'm not crazy about all of the characterizations but It's good for what it is.

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If your asking this question then you haven't read his amazing Teen Titans runs

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All of these are great ideas, the one change I would make is have Young Justice be in addition to Teen Titans instead of a replacement so that we could see more of the forgotten teen heroes spread between the two books

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@arturocalakayvee: Tim is in witness protection and his last name was changed to Drake to hide his identity but they didn't reveal what his real last name is. Must have missed most of the reveals about the silent armor, I knew that it was a parasite, connected to her emotions, and that it belonged to her ex before her but that was about it. If it's tied to Trigon it might not be that bad

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@arturocalakayvee: I almost managed to make myself forget about the new origin stories. Yeah Tim's is pretty terrible, and I don't see a way past it especially since his name isn't even Drake anymore but as long as he's written well from here on out I can live with it and it'll just be treated like he developed past the horrible person he was during that origin. As for Cassie, the whole silent armor thing is stupid but so little has actually been written about it that a decent writer can basically redo it from scratch and make it suck less and her relationship with her father (who is strongly implied to be Lennox) is basically the same as it always was with Zeus and can still be used as a way for her to get her powers from the Gods

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@arturocalakayvee: I wouldn't say that Tim and Cassie are destroyed. Whenever Tim pops up under another writer they just seem to ignore Lobdell's characterization completely in favor of the pre new 52 version and the same thing happened to Cassie when Johns wrote her briefly in Forever Evil. I think that if the new writer is versed in post reboot Titans stories those two will be fine. It sucks that it's too late for Conner though, especially since his new 52 version was the most likable of the three before he died

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The new 52 Teen Titans series has come to an end and there's already a rumor that the title will be relaunched from #1. If this is true what do you want to see in the relaunch?

Who do you want to see on the creative team?

Which members do you want?

Do you have an idea for a premise?

What do you want to see retconned away?

EDIT: Apparently the relaunch is confirmed with Tony Daniel involved in some way

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@avenging_x_bolt: Lobdell tried to do what he thought would be good. I may not agree about whether or not he succeeded but it wouldn't be right for me to give him a hard time when his intentions were good