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@superior_prime_maybe: Because there's an in story reason for it this time as opposed to it just being lazy overly convenient writing like it usually is in events.

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@inferiorego: Even for Greek mythology that's pretty...standard I guess. Never mind, my surprise was unwarranted

I love the way you came to terms with that in the space of 5 minutes and 3 posts. But yeah, it's not surprising for Greek mythology. Still pretty cool to see in a comic though. Never would've thought they'd have the guts to do it what with all the weird, controversial conclusions that could be drawn.

After it sunk in that we were talking about Zeus I realized that this really probably isn't in the top 10 most messed up things he's done so it was really easy to get over.

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@inferiorego: Even for Greek mythology that's pretty...standard I guess. Never mind, my surprise was unwarranted

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Wait, are you saying that Athena reincarnates into Zola, who Zeus, her father, proceeds to impregnate with Zeke who turns out to be Zeus also reincarnated? So Zeus impregnated his daughter with himself?


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Damn. The sad part is that everybody in the entire universe was just two weeks from retirement.

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I'm looking forward to it

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These are all awesome although I admit that I am a bit disappointed that not all of them reflect the New 52. Cyborg looks great on the Justice League cover and I would have liked to see the current Teen Titans costumes look good for once

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@time said:

He treats women like crap.

I've never gotten why people say this when the truth is a lot more complicated. Has Cyclops had a good track record with women? Oh God no. but people act like he travels around on a throne pulled by a group of slave girls when he's just made some bad choices. I'll summaries Cyclops' romantic history as objectively as I can and you can point to me exactly where he "treats women like crap". First he was with Jean and they were genuinely in love, they were so in love that it was honestly detrimental to both characters so when she died not only was he beyond crushed but since his character revolved around Jean he was so screwed up by it that he married Maddie who looked exactly like her and turned out to be a clone. Pre retcon they were just two young people who rushed into marriage so unsurprisingly they fell out of love and spent most of their union trying to save a doomed marriage. Jean came back to life and Cyke wanted to go and see her, note: he didn't want to date her, he didn't want sleep with her, and he didn't want to marry her but just to see if it was really her, case in point even when they were on the same team he was distant from her because he didn't want to betray Maddie. Maddie refused to let him go see her and they had an argument that irrevocably damaged the relationship. You would think that as a Cyclops fan I would prefer the retcon version where Cyclops was exonerated through being mind controlled by Sinister but honestly, I like the original version where neither Scott or Maddie where cackling super villains but instead two young confused people who were having an understandable problem that they both handled equally badly. A lot of people think Cyke just abandoned his wife and kid but it’s worth noting that he always intended to go back and indeed does but they've vanished and he’s appropriately overcome with worry and blames himself to the point of having a full on mental breakdown. Maddie turns evil because she thinks Scott cheated on her, needless to say things end badly, he marries Jean, some stuff happens including Cyke being taken over by Apocalypse and turning evil before being saved. Scott suffers another mental break down because evil and he and Jean grow distant from each other and their marriage stops working. While Cyclops goes to get marriage counseling from Emma Frost Jean tries to cheat on him with Wolverine but Logan turns her down. Emma tries to seduce Cyclops into an affair and succeeds in starting a psychic one but as a non psychic while he knows that he’s doing something wrong he doesn't view it as a full affair and actively resist physically becoming intimate with Emma. Jean finds out and as a psychic views his indiscretion as being as bad as the affair that he had been trying to avoid…then she dies again. Mortified Cyclops refuses to get with Emma out of respect for his dead wife but Jean psychically manipulates him from beyond the grave to force him into the relationship anyway. He stayed with Emma until AVX before they both went insane with Phoenix power forced on them by Tony Stark, Emma has a second psychic affair this time with Namor (and as psychic himself now due to the phoenix force he sees it the same way Jean did and even as a fan I have admit that that's kind of karma) and while being attacked on all sides by the Avengers and X-men he steals her phoenix force fragment either to fight back, out of anger at her, or possibly to spare her from the phoenix’s influence (personally I think the latter is reaching by some over protective Cyclops fans). So in that entire summary of his major romances at no point did he “treat women like crap.” He just made some terrible decisions in his more emotional moments, Marrying Maddie due to grief, storming out (intended to be temporary) during an argument (or If you prefer under mind control), and stealing the phoenix force from Emma when both were under the effects of a cosmic entity and being targeted by about 20 super powered assailants. People never seem to remember that Maddie started the argument where he stormed out, or that Jean tried to cheat on him first, and that Emma cheated with Namor and seems to understand why he did what he did enough to still work with him. I’m not saying that any of that justifies his poor choices but I am saying that your accusation is so grossly oversimplified as to be untrue.

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Gotta go with my main man Cyke