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Moon Knight, Nova, same team! 0

Yeah, after reading these first couple issues I have to say that the Secret Avengers is THE BEST of the Avengers titles!  The Avengers Academy is actually not half bad either, if you find it neccesary to pick up another (which surprised me).  The covert opps team is a really cool concept.  Having Moon Knight on the team is a big plus and having Nova hit the big time is something I've been waiting for.  I will admit though that the Beast, Valkrie, War Machine, and Ant-man seem like an odd bunch o...

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DP & Satana 0

WOW, I actually found a Deadpool comic that this DP hater (myself) thought was GOOD!!  I went against my better judgement and picked this up because Satana was on the cover.  I gotta say I thought this was a cool and VERY funny comic.  The idea of Wade and Daimon's sister getting married was pretty much over-the-top histerical, then the scene at the end were he's waiting for her to get out of the bathroom on their honeymoon night was the best!  I think anyone with a sense of humor would get a re...

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