My Neutral Powers

Neutral Powers
 1. Deadpool: A talkative psycho with regenerating powers and his a master swordsman and gunman.
2. Catwoman: Batman's former enemy and current lover.
3. Red Hood: The second Robin, Jason Todd's new persona. 
 4. Arsenal: Formelly Red Arrow and Speedy, Roy Harper dons the persona of Arsenal 
5. Juggernaut: Charles Xavier's stepbrother who mad a bad childhood with Charles and later go his from a mystical gem turning  him into the Juggernaut. Now he's a Thunderbolt
 6. Lizard: In an attrmpt to regain his arm Dr. Curt Connors turned himself into the Lizard.
7. Punisher: Frank Castle fights to avenge the lives of dead loved ones.
 8. Two-Face: Half-good, half-evil which will it be.
 9. Talia al Ghul: Daughter of Ra'as al Ghul and mother of Damian Wayne.

10. Emma Frost: A psychic who has proven to be evil in the past but somewhat good in the present.

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