My Favorite Characters

My Favorite Characters in every universe (when to number stop it's just the characters I just like not my well "favorites"

Column Head 1
1. Batman My favorite hero of all time. He proves that any regular person can be a hero and make a difference.
2. Spider-Man Most of everyone's favorite hero. He knows what can happen if you don't help anyone who needs it.
3. Static My favorite teenaged hero. He's in alot of ways like me.
4. Deadpool Everyone's favorite Merc With the Mouth. He's always somewhere killing someone or starting a conversation. I like his crazy and funny characteristics, but no like Joker.
5. Dick Grayson. The first Robin, Nightwing, and the Second Batman.
6. Mettle. Ken Mack is a mellow teenager how has incredible strength and is unable to feel physical pain.
7. Kyle Rayner. My favorite Green Lantern of Earth how enjoys art and adventure.
8. John Stewart. My second favorite Green Lantern who worked as a architect and not to mention he's defended as a solider and is defending the universe.

9. Luke Cage: Mess with him well "Sweet Christmas" to ya.

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