My Favorite Bats

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1. Batman: My favorite comic book character in the entire universe. A man with a plan. And the first Batman
2. Dick Grayson: The first of Robins and the first adoptive son of Bruce Wayne. He is currently the new Batman along with the new Robin (Damian Wayne) his adoptive brother.
3. Damian Wayne: The fifth and current Robin. He is son of Batman and Talia al Ghul. He is mentally hostile making him dangerous and funny.
4. Jason Todd: Both the second Robin and Red Hood. He was murder by the Joker, but came back to life years later. He's now a neutral being with abilities and knowledge of the Batman Family.

5. Barbara Gordon: The first Batgirl and relative of Jim Gordon. She now takes the identity of Oracle after the Joker shot her in the legs.
 6. Stephanie Brown: The current Batgirl after Cassandra Cain. And the fourth Robin for a short time.
7. Tim Drake
8. Cassandra Cain:

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amazing list , glad to see I'm not the only Batman lover