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Hey, so I'm not very well-read on the X-Men timeline and after seeing the new trailer for Days of Future Past I'm very curious as to why any mutant needs to be sent back in time to "stop an event which threatens both mutant and man kind" as I think I recall reading somewhere. Assuming this film will be based off events in the comics, can someone please explain to me the reason? :)

Because terrible writing... and time continuum for the X-men, and because Wolverine has to be the center of attention.

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@blacharrt1: You have terrible taste.

You have terrible taste if you like what Fox has done to the X-men brand. And you are the reason they keep making these horrible movies, they really should give the rights back to Disney at this point, it's clear Disney could make a better X-men movie than fox.

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@thecomicscove: To add to the other people listed Amanda Sefton, who took Magik's place was not a mutant, nor was Ms. Marvel when she left the Avengers and joined up with the X-men after she was raped. So no i would have to disagree that they don't have humans on their team.

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@killemall: the problem with that scan is that you don't actually see him move, and there is nothing to say he didn't simply just teleport superboy there. We all know teleportation is the fastest means of travel.. unless you're a speedforce user. Also recall in the other scans of Superman fighting H'el after being bfr'ed into space, Superman was literally on top of him and H'el teleported on top of the tower away from him, he couldn't react fast enough. So i think teleportation was involved. But thank you for the scan, you are the first person to actually try to answer that question of how fast is H'el.

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I was curious about Magik's Soul, I don't understand if it's still corrupted... as far as I know Legion returned her her soul... but, she's not corrupted any more? or is it the black magic what corrupts her and that's why she transformed into darckchylde in uncanny?

About your question... She stills teleports through her mutant power through Limbo, that is inside her thats why when they teleport skulls appear and demonic things or stuff like that. I don't think it affects Pixie, she teleports with a spell she doesn't go through limbo, at least that's what I think

Her soul will always be corrupted because her humanity was ripped from her, the soul stones are the purity of what once was her humanity which is powerful in hell dimensions. Legion simply returned the stones to magik, they were never merged back with her. If they were Darkchyld would not exist.

You are correct also about Magik's mutant ability is to teleport, but also limbo is a nexus, several beings have been nexus personified, which gave them the abilities to teleport. One that comes to mind off the top of my head is Man-thing. So Magik should still have the ability to teleport through time and space via limbo, and teleport in general with her mutant ability. And she should also be able to teleport via magic spell since she was the one who taught Pixie the spell in the first place.

Also as you noted before Pixie should not be affected by this change in Magik at all. The only thing Magik did was sever the possibility that others Hell lords or Fear lords could try and take limbo from her or control her through limbo via her connection to it.

Luka i am just adding on to a lot of what you already stated.

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Whoa. It sounds like Marvel used this "House of M" you speak of as one big reset button. Apocalypse is pure psionic energy now? He's smacking down Phoenix Force avatars tag teamed with Cable (who i'm sure Mr.Sinister views as his crowning achievement) with no difficulty outside of a technicality now? Again, whoa. I knew about his Celestial Tech, but how has this nutty pure psionic energy loophole escaped Sauron's or even Selene's notice, especially considering just how much they love to dine on such energy. So many questions....So many...

giant reset button indeed, only except for the fact that HOM didn't reset anything at all. HOM universe isn't 616, but an offshoot created so that Magneto reigns supreme, so of course characters and story lines were tailored to that outcome. Brian Michael Bendis the author of HOM has already proven that he doesn't really care about establish lore of characters from his other arcs and twitter posts... he writes them as he pleases even if it's out of character for them.

Selene and Sauron don't feed off psionic energy but life force of the person they are feeding on. I could see how you could confuse the two. And generally Apocalypse is encased in the armor, so that would stop any such attack. Neither Sauron nor Selene are powerful enough to take on Apocalypse.

And before the amp of fuses with cyclop's body could easily dismiss the most powerful telepaths and psionic users, even mister Sinister, and Exodus, whom he created.

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@inconvenient_truth said:

@fiodestromus said:

@inconvenient_truth: It might but Cap and Black Panther could stay in this

No one on the team but Aqualad and Wonder Girl is close to that type of martial arts and he has vibranium claws so that would scar some.

? im confused. are you saying that cap and black panther have the durability to take a punch from wonder girl, miss martian, superboy or the flash??? or are you saying that black panther has the speed to defend himself against any of those i mentioned?

You are making it seem like Captain America, and Black Panther don't fight superpowered beings for a living... I mean come on... And Current BP, no one on YJ roster can even match his BP experience or h2h fighting ability, and he solo'ed a super skrull, with much less power than what he has now. And snapped the neck of a werewolf. Captain America has taken blows from the Hulk when they have tangoed. They won't go down easy.

You mentioned earlier someone would depower the Hulk? Please don't say draining the Gamma Energy from him, if this is current Hulk that's not happening, also he has Bannertech. how exactly would they do that? If Miss Martian went into thor's mind she would probably get the same Feedback Emma Frost got, but rendered useless. She's not on Emma's level as a telepath at all.

And why did you pick Widow, and Wasp ... of their entire Avenger roster I'm really curious about this? I mean i have no doubts that Widow could not only go toe 2 toe with Aqualad, Beastboy, and Lagoonboy that she could beat them I'm just curious because you don't have 1 baseline human on the YJ side. And Wasp, seriously is of no help to the roster at all...

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@blacharrt1: Apocalypse was presumed dead after being separated from Scott summers after the twelve.

Interesting... How long ago was this?

The Twelve happened in 2000, House of M happened 2005 or 2006. And it contradicted what we knew about apocalypse. Which is 1. Apocalypse is pure psionic energy, he doesn't really need a physical body, however he takes host which can only sustain his essence for periods of time then the host body dies and he has to get a new one. 2. The armor you see, big blue lips, is not Apocalypse's actual body but the Celestial Armor technology that he made a deal with the Celestials to use. 3. All Celestials are cosmic/magical machines, no human, even Apocalypse fully understands their technology. 4. Apocalypse's host body is stored in the chest of the armor, it's not full length of the armor so the Head is not where Apocalypse's brain would even be. 5. After the Twelve incident, Apocalypse was godlike with Cyclop's body, even Jean as the Phoenix with Cable tried to confront Apocalypse to get cyclops back, and the only reason they won is because of Jean's and Cyclop's special link. After Apocalypse is ripped from cyclop he is in his Psionic form and Cable seeming disburses him with his Psimitar. 6. Celestial tech is strong enough to stop Juggernaut's unstoppable spell and beat him. 7. Can go intangible, and teleport.

HOM brought back several people in that universe whom were presumed dead, Apocalypse, Hawkeye, Vision, and Also Magik. But HOM also disregard cannon knowledge and lore of Apocalypse. Blackbolt voice should have no effect on Apocalypse at all (Being that 616 Apocalypse has already tanked his scream), and an EMP to his brain would be pointless (because it would one need to get past the Celestial Tech, which is shouldn't, two it should only affect the Host Body if at all, Apocalypse is pure psionic energy he doesn't need a brain). HOM also had magneto beat Dr. Doom who had prep and was amped with magic....If it wasn't for Wanda creating that world and being in complete control of it Magneto wouldn't have been that powerful. In fact before that arc Magneto was severely weakened. AOA is also not canon, i wish people would stop referring to that as well. Completely different world, different people, it's not 616 Apocalypse at all. Even weaken, the X-men has always had trouble with Apocalypse, at best he always leaves the fight. The only 616 characters who were involved were legion, and the people who traveled back in time to stop him from killing Magneto, that's it.

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Name one superhero team in marvel that hasn't had a space or other dimensional arc where they spent long periods of time away from earth. You have made this a very one sided fight by taking out people would could actually counter the 100 superman, this should be locked.

so then lets leave the people with cosmic powers that are based on earth to help marvel team. if youre going to use them just remember they have to have incredible reaction times though so i dont have to mention it again.

They don't even need to survive the blitz, but all of the people with cosmic powers are either as fast or shown to be faster than superman, so that's not even an issue. But you have beings like Layla Miller who not only has auto shielding and very powerful ones at that, but can bring the dead back to life, Wanda, can also bring the dead back to life. Threnody also, whom is also immortal. Darwin as a the god of Death has the same powers as Hel and can command the dead. So a blitz unless you kill all these people and possibly more is pointless. But Again Legion can stop time, and again no matter how bloodlusted superman is, he can't prevent legion from using this ability, or the ability that make it physically impossible to hit Legion, or his ability to absorb the soul out of someone by physical contact and take control of their bodies, or super adaptive abilities. Also Legion's teleportation ability are nothing to scoff at, he teleported an invasion onto the x-men just to distract them from several million lightyears away. Wanda created an entire army of Kree warship full scale invasion of Ultrons, then Magik has the entire demon horde of Limbo. They would have an entire Army of other worldly creation to get past before they even got to the main even.

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Name one superhero team in marvel that hasn't had a space or other dimensional arc where they spent long periods of time away from earth. You have made this a very one sided fight by taking out people would could actually counter the 100 superman, this should be locked.