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In Defense of Amazons 0

If you've read this issue, or if you've read reviews of this issue then you know that about 90% of the negativity from reviewers has been related to the "Secret History of the Amazons?!".The predominant issue most people have this month with Wonder Woman, is that it somehow takes away from the compassion and the nobility of the Amazons to have them do this once or twice a year. I find that interesting. Now, presumably, this might because I am a dude, and I don't understand it from a female persp...

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Strange Man? 0

Let me start by saying anyone who looks at the Animal Man page will tell you, I have serious love for this character. I have read every appearance and I continue to buy two copies of this book to keep it afloat.Five Stars is not enough. This is literally everything I want from a comic. From the beautiful subversion of Horror, Superheroics and Emotional/Familial drama, to the inventive and down right beautiful construction of the Totems. Even more so, because it ties the Red more firmly to the st...

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Time for a switcharoo 0

Amazing what a difference a new artist makes, right?I thought Blackhawks #1 was a pile of dog mess. Don't get me wrong the writing was interesting, and I feel that it would have been a much, much better comic if it was illustrated by Graham Nolan and Trevor McCarthy from the outset. The character designs are clear and distinct, the panel work is perfect. I just don't think that Ken Lashley was a good fit for the series. This isn't a slight against him as an artist, because, he is still good and ...

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Flashpoint, like space, is really, really big. It encompasses a lot of the world, with a lot of Europe and England being destroyed. Yes, okay, that's really bad - but why didn't America get knackered? Anyway...We find ourselves drawn into a story about some people in England, Etrigan, Jenny Green-teeth, some forgettable woman and Godiva. Great, we have DC's greatest English heroes here and they're a demon, some ugly witch, forgettable woman and a blonde haired medusa. So, anyway, we're finding t...

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Good God 0

Firstly, lets talk about Constantine in the DCU. Apparently, he now appears to be their Stereofact character. I've never actually read as much "English" slang in a comicbook before, and it's painfully obvious that Vankin is America. If he isn't then I stand corrected, but it strikes me He is really american. We've got things and words like "Ruck" and basically, every sentence is designed to remind the reader that yes, Constantine is English, and no, no he isn't America.It gets half a...

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Genesis 0

Yes, I am sad because Dynamite have apparently ceased publication of Project: Super-Powers. A much loved book by me, and a gateway into the world of Golden Age characters (Some of them decidedly goofy) for a whole new generation of readers. This makes me sound exceptionally old. I'm not, Promise.  Now, Dynamite is a strange publisher. Sometimes it produces some brilliant comics, Project Superpowers, Super Zombies, the Boys...and other times we get regurgitated pap like Terminator Vs Frankenstein...

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Really? 0

What to say about this issue....Hum. Well, Scott Lang? Success. Jim Cheung draws some lovely, lovely artwork. We get Doom, Scarlet Witch, Avengers and of course the characters he co-created with lovely flare and style and thats where the 1 and a half stars come from. Because Jim Cheung drew this.Otherwise...Wow. What an emotionally barren story. I can't even begin to get over how stilted and contrived this is. LOOK! IRON LAD IS BACK WHO CASSIE IS DESPERATELY IN LOVE WITH DESPITE ONLY KNOWING HIM...

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Brilliant Times 0

Anyone who knows me will know that I love Grant Morrison and this issue gives us exactly what I love about him. Ongoing Mystery, some clear storyline, Bruce Wayne doing something other than brooding (Awesome. Just...Awesome. Really, Morrison, bare-chested love god Batman indeed). We're treated to some wonderful continuity in the form of the Argentine Super-team rearing it's head, Gaucho being a Charlie Sheen (Almost. Thassalotta ladies.) and some wonderful imagery from Paquette. There's an ongoi...

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1959 - Not a great year 0

Bendis is many, many things. He is an excellent and amazingly prolific writer. You can't fault him, he never misses deadlines, and when he writes well, he writes REALLY, REALLY well. Spider-Woman, Powers, Ultimate Spider-Man, hell, Secret War is great as well. However, like with most things, there are only two levels. Amazingly good, and...desperately poor.  This Avengers title, despite having the saving grace of having Bloodstone appear, Namora, Sabretooth and Kraven all appear as the 1959 Aven...

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Spikey reception 0

Okay, so let me set the record straight for a moment.  I do actually, in fact, like comics. I read them every day. I watch comic news sites, and my clever phone is full of programs that allow me to know things, speak to creators and read them. However, I find that most recently, comics that capture my attention are either unintentionally terrible, or not superhero comics.  Sadly, this comic falls into unnecessary racism, and thus, category one. The thing that strikes me about this issue, is not ...

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Annhiliated 0

So, I see a lot of negativity around this book. Odd, because I enjoyed it. Mind you, I have been consistantly enjoying DnA's work for years, while they languished away in obscurity while others did steaming dumps on properties. In this issue, we have two stories. The first takes off directly after the end of the Thanos Imperative. We have some of the most amazingly powerful people in the Universe gather together, because Peter Quill thought that they'd be better to deal with cosmic threats than ...

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Dead to the World (Please) 0

Huston gave us Moon Knight back and an extremely interesting and decidedly murky vision of him it was. Immersed in a world of psychological games and addiction to violence, he was a character that was interesting and dark. He was a wolverine without claws.   I read somewhere else that Huston is writing this like it was an Ennis comic, but without the mastery of Ennis. Yeah, I can see that. It's trying to be funny in places, we're treated to a big high concept that's kind of interesting in it's o...

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Outside the realms of...Good 0

What happened to this comic?  I remember eagerly awaiting to read Chuck Dixon's Outsiders, and then the subsequent fill in issues until Tomasi took now. Now we're left with this train wreck. The characters are barely recognisable, most of which barely get any dialogue in this issue. Characters are so far out of character in this series it's almost like reading the worst sort of Fan-Fiction. It's a blessing it's being cancelled.  Anyway, lovely Dave Johnson cover reveals a surprise in the form of...

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Cold Truth? Cold Crap. 0

HA HA! This comic was in fact, probably unintentionally, extremely racist.  Apparently, all Gypsies are in fact, evil. The big reveal of Tora's back story is now, instead of taking one of the very few, nice, slightly whimsical and pleasant characters in DC, who is just a pleasure to read under most writers, they've turned her into what can only be described as a 90's Parody Revamp.  So, we begin with the horrid statement that Tora is in fact, a Gypsy. This is fine. Romanies aren't that bad. It's...

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Beasts of Brilliance 0

I speak to you now, as a Hellboy Fan. I have loved and enjoyed everything Hellboy since I first laid my eyes on the lovely scribblings of Mignola when I bought Conqueror Worm before the Movie, and promptly bought every other Hellboy comic and Peripheral POS since then. Some of it has been less than enjoyable, I wasn't overly taken with the whole Witchfinder thing.  BUT we are not discussing that. We're discussing the Beast of Burden crossover. What did it have? Action, Adventure, Actual realisti...

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Into the Ground 0

I have not been enjoying this arc. I don't want to be negative, but it doesn't feel like Superman, at all. It feels like...someone else. So far the issues have felt contrived and really, I dunno, not boring, but something is missing. Very much like Wonder Woman. There's something that is usually there but isn't. It sort of feels like a paint by numbers exercise.  This issue was supposed to be a heartfelt journey into what if with Lois' old friend/boyfriend popping up with a wife, and a normal li...

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Wolverine? Emotional. 0

Who Knew?  I consider myself to be dead inside. I normally am. People bawl their eyes out at all sorts of stupid things and I stand there and more often than not I find myself smiling at something because it's all a little ridiculous. This, comic, however, is anything but.  There is no fighting. There is no typical Wolverine stylie business. This is a pure comic about two best friends, and it's clear from the on-set of the issue that Jason Aaron has a great deal of affection for the pair of char...

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Disappointing Start 0

Maybe its my love for Red Tornado that marred this issue for me, or maybe it's going to get really good down through the series but as it stands, I'm not really all that fussed about this issue. Frankly, the "making Red Tornado an Andriod" angle is really playing thin. Yes, we know he's an android. Yes it's been forced down our throats for goodness knows how long. Hes a robot, he has a hard time with emotions, etc etc. We get it. Enough.  I want to see more of the interesting Meltzer Red Tornado...

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Sad times.. 0

Another excellent issue of the Last Days of Animal Man, and Conway has laid down the road for what appears to be the final outcome of this series. I wasn't a huge fan of the bouncing back through elements of his life, as DC has seen fit to retcon a huge amount of animal mans history, right through the Vertigo stuff, which makes me a little sad as there was some really superlative things in there.  Otherwise, another solid story, I am impressed with Buddy and Starfires relationship, and while I w...

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Romancey... 0

Hrmm.Since the beginning of Countdown to Adventure, i was somewhat wary of where they were going with this thing between Kory and Buddy. I mean why those two? It's not like they're typical for each other, Kory is very gunho and princessy, and Buddy is very down to Earth and grounded.Anyway, this is more of a talky issue, where I guess we're building up to our big finish where Buddy has no powers and takes on his new Rogues gallery of Blood rage and Prismatik. While we get a lot of whinging this ...

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A stock taker? 0

It could be thought that this issue is a stock taking issue. There's not that much action in between the cliffhanger of the last issue, and the introduction, properly, of the second issues Villain. Buddy is rescued from being thrown off a building by Earth's newest Green Lantern, what looks to be a blue whale given the sheer scale of it, and then proceeds to alienate his rescuer by indulging in that long standing hero tradition of lashing out at whoever is nearest because his powers are messed u...

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A good start 0

It's no suprise that Animal Man is my favourite character. Anyone who looks on his profile can see, I've written damn near everything he's been in, including pointless incidental appearences.After the tour de force that was 52, and the progressively worse peripheral appearences in JLA (Which was awful), Countdown to Adventure (Which was alright) and Rann Thanagar Holy War (Why was he even in that series?) I wasn't exactly over the moon when I heard Animal man was getting his own series. Especial...

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