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I wonder if someone might be able to - change her hair colour to Black, and get rid of the white stripe down the left hand side of her face, but leave the white stripe that runs down the right hand side of her hair.

I am also wondering if it might have a similar, or cooler, effect if her hair was totally white, but the white stripe that runs down the right hand side of her face, was black

Many thanks in advance.

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I think the art is amazing, although I tend to appreciate comicbooks as a medium instead of decry everything reflexively.

Thank you. Reading the most of the responses to this artist made me want to punch my computer screen. I would imagine that the artist isn't, in fact, four years old and is employed by a major publisher, which is more than can be said for the person posting that response, who, I would imagine, is a master of burning McDonalds Patties, or simply, a master of being an arse.

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Just gonna throw this out there - people are talking about "shit art" because it's not something, they personally, like. That's fair enough. You're allowed an opinion.

But those same people have to remember that other people will enjoy the art and will like it. Further more, the people are Marvel like it, and they're better at giving artists good opportunities than angry fanboys are. Mike Mignola got his first professional break in comics Inking Keith Giffen on Defenders. His work was so bad that after his first issue they told him to shape up, or he'd be out of the industry forever. So, Mike did, and here he is now, a professional with two films under his belt, a TV show and various other credits.

The point I am trying to make is A) your opinion is just that, your opinion. It is not law, it does not mean you can call someone else shit because you don't like it. Someone may say the same thing of what you do in your job and I would imagine that'd probably annoy or upset you, but you'll have some machismo fueled comeback like "I don't even care what people think of me at work. I hate it anyway." and B) what an artist starts off with isn't necessarily what he finishes with. Chris Bachalo is a good indication of this, his style has changed so much since his first pinup piece for Sandman.

So, I guess I'm saying if you don't like it, don't buy it. If someone spent their entire life on the internet criticizing what you're doing, it'd probably irritating you to no end and you'd label them a troll. If you're going post to post, saying something is shit because you're in disagreement with it, you're a troll.

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@victorgrey: Hey, thank you so much!

Sorry it took so long to get back, for whatever reason, I didn't get a notification that you had replied! Thank you!

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Is there a possibility, that someone with great photoshopfu might be able to alter a couple of images for me?

Could someone give the following images grey/stone like skin? That would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Honestly, I'd be really, really appreciative if one of these were converted to have stone like skin and hair. The whole set would be amazing!


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I suspected this might happen with a new writer on the book.

I was worried because for me, Soule is untested (Not read his previous work, yet) but also because the book launched with Synder and people came for Synder. Now that he's gone, I wonder if Swamp Thing is going to hemorrhage readers - which is a shame because this feels to me like Soule is finding his feet with Swamp Thing.

I have no problem with him introducing Swamp Thing more to the DCU. People want a 'Swamp Thing' Book, well, they'll get it. What's the point in re-introducing him to the DC Landscape if he isn't going to be a part of it?

Frankly, I'd rather have a Swamp Thing book where he travels the world righting the wrongs of the Green or whatever, and interacting with people, than no book at all. I feel the same way about Animal Man, who is my absolute favourite. (That said, I didn't really enjoy his appearances in Countdown or Rann-Thanagar Holy War)

Yeah, I'd like it to be weird and i'd like it to be more mature than the other hero books, but I think it's a mistake to write someone off because of their particular take on a character (RE: Steve Seagle's Superman, and the Elite. People disliked his approach to Superman, yet, the Elite issue is regarded as a fantastic example of a great Superman story, but also a deconstruction of the trends of comics themselves.) isn't quite what you're after. But, you know, I don't want to be negative. Everyone enjoys different things.

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He didn't sell all that well when he was around the first time. There'd have to be something distinguishing about him for him to be rebooted for the Nu52. I actually thought they were going to go with Ghost Detectives before the reboot, with Ralph and Sue working together. That would have been brilliant.

Sadly, I don't think traditional mystery comics sell as well today as they used to. They'd have to slap some kind of genre bending element to it, like intrigue and spooks, or I dunno, a carnival of evil flesh benders or something to make it financially viable these days.

Still, I might be wrong. Animal Man and Swamp Thing are selling well - So, we'll see.

I do miss Ralph, would love to see him working as part of the Croaton's again though.

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I prepared a long response to this, but in retrospect, I can't be bothered.

I will buy this, I will probably enjoy this. I'll give it a chance.

That is all.

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This is more evidence of why Peter Milligan doesn't work well in Mainstream comics. His Constantine was excellent, but things like Stormwatch? They're just lacking something. I don't know what it is but they're lacking some sort of heart. Some cohesion.

Mind you, there's some great expectations which go with Stormwatch. Ellis created something fantastic right when Wildstorm was on the cusp of transforming into something other than 90's pouch and gun machines.

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Some of Ramos' body of work is very dark, and gritty. His arc with Jenkin's involving Venom was a fantastically dark look. Frankly, I am glad that Marvel employ him, and many other artists like him. I remember Francisco Herrerras artwork on the Venom Tsunami series. I thought that was fantastic.

I know other people have different opinions on artwork, but, I really like Ramos. I'm glad he's illustrating Spider-Man and I love that the Marvel line has such a diverse number of artists.