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Martial Status: Single

Age: 25

Height: 6'2

Weight: 150Ibs

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue (When not occluded by the Red Glasses he wears)

Physical Condition: Slender/toned

Distinguishing Features: Adam often wears Red Glasses, this is to allow him to filter light correctly, and a by-product of his power is that his eyes are modified to see the bio-genetic structure of the universe. Meta-Vision, or M-Vision is about seeing the layers of the World, as visited upon him by Yggdrasil, the sentient World Tree.

Base of Operations: The Yggdrasil

Occupation: Defender of Living Things

Place of Birth: Canterbury, United Kingdom

Strength Level: Normal for a man his age, who engages in reasonable physical activity.

Known Superhuman Powers:

Adams primary mutation is the ability to absorb the natural attributes of animals around him. His abilities extend to altering his body to manifest whichever ability the animal closest to him manifests. It is unknown if how long he retains these abilities for.

These abilities are known to have created poison glands in his wrists, the ability to defy gravity, or other abilities, such as a worms regenerative powers, or Bacterial growth rates.

The second aspect of this mutation is his eyes. They cannot filter light correctly, and require the aid of artificial apparatus, in this case Glasses or a Visor, to correct them. This mutation allows him to see the bio-genetic structure of the universe. Simply put, in terms of his powers, he sees everything in the universe as an ecosystem, ranging from the cohesion and adhesion of molecular structures to the vast interstitial tissue that is space.

Skills: Adam has a great love of comic books, as a medium, and therefore is able to analyse and script. Whilst this may not present itself immediately as an extra skill, the network of friends he has built up over the last five years of working on his comic book allows him to glean information from other walks of life, and therefore gives him an advantage over others.

Adam is also a trained drummer, and was part of a Band for several months, before they went their separate ways after the Lead Vocals came onto the Guitarist, and the Bass Guitar vomited on Adams head.

Adam also owns a fully tailored Captain America uniform, part of which he won in a competition, complete with a replica shield. And whilst it doesn’t have the same tensile strength, weight, or indestructibility of the original, it’s pretty powerful all the same.

Hobbies: Adam is an active profiler, and produces a number of Comic strips, and ideas across the internet. He has his own Forum where he discusses the Comic book medium, including his own series “Terra Firma” focusing around the lead character “The Mathematician”. However, he also takes great pleasure in documenting his adventures, in Journal entries, and masquerading them as Comic book ideas and references.

Personality: Adam can sometimes be introverted, and quiet. Normal in new social situations, however, he is like a normal teenager, despite being 21. His mood swings make it difficult for him sometimes, being related to his powers they are often related to food or other Carnal urges.

Weaknesses: Adam’s weaknesses are whatever Animals weakness he possesses, for example, stealing the electro-field detection of a shark would result in a deep seated need for water, resulting, in a recently tested case, in suffocation.

He, currently, requires the presence of an animal in order to steal its powers. Simply thinking of a power will not cause it to manifest. However, in most cases the organism in question is not harmed in anyway. The distance is currently unknown, but the powers are much stronger when he is in direct contact with the Organism.

History: Former Animal Rights Activist, Adam Baker led something of a boring life up to that point, being involved in nothing but a normal lifestyle.

Production of his comic book series on a monthly schedule was always of Paramount importance to him, even more so than the work needed for his University course, which was a Bachelor of Sciences in Zoological Studies.

He first developed an interest in animals from the age of 12, when his powers manifested, and he gained the ability to stick to surfaces from a nearby spider. Thinking himself to be Spiderman two, his short crime fighting career, (He kicked a guy in the head after he stole his grans handbag and brain damaged him) ended in tragedy.

Realising that he in fact could mimic the abilities of any organism, he quickly began his own course of training. Buy entering a degree in zoology he intended to learn about the different types of animals, and thus provide his own unique research to the field of Biological Sciences. However, this was not meant to be, as he was found out to be a mutant, and whilst some of the professors found this to be an “interesting” quality, the vast majority of students found it to be a “disgusting” trait.

After his “dismissal” from University, with an Unclassified Degree, he then moved to America and gained a job in a local Zoo, in the San Diego Area, shortly after working as the job affectionate known as “Shit-Shoveller” for half a year, before he left the job.

Adam Also carries around a single card, a playing card if you will, something his sister made before her disappearance many years ago. The family had long since resigned themselves to her death, his father throwing himself into his work as an active Botanist, his mother simply resigning herself, and shuffling around all day, tidying and cleaning never. Adam prefers to remember her as she was, and carries this Card as his own mark as well as hers.

Previous interviews of for Mutant rights activists didn’t want him, or his image wasn’t particularly appropriate for their plight, him being a good looking human being and not representing the more painful and physically devastating mutations.

Finally, after attempting to find himself and apparently loosing himself half way, he locked himself into the cycle of self-published comic books, through the internet.