The Chronicles of BK-77-7 the End of Star Wars BattleFront 2

(Above a picture of BK-77-7 from the TI-154th Black Knights TIE Interceptor Squadron)

As you may or may not be aware Star Wars BattleFront 2 has ended April 15th 2010. Naturally everyone just about that ever played the game on the X-Box 360 came back for one big grand finale before saying good bye to the multiplayer game we all loved very much, and man did it get very INTERESTING!

I had a very amazing play through, EPIC OF EPIC. There were times I was flying my TIE INTERCEPTOR I would be up against 3 other Pilots by myself and I would Dominate them and they WERE NOT NOOBS ether.

If you haven't figured it out already the only part of the game I really liked was the Space Assault star fighter matches. I gained a very big reputation for being an Ace Pilot in that part of the game to a point people would leave if they saw me join. I HAVE THE LORD TO THANK AND PRAISE FOR THESE ABILITIES!!!

Here are my last records before the server shut down.

I was Top number 1 of the Week out of 230

I Had a Kill/Death ratio of 40/1 during the last week!

My Longest Living Streak was for 37 min and 35 secs with a TIE INTERCEPTOR.

I was also Top number 1 of the month out of 520

I had a Kill/Death ratio of 33-1 during the last month!

My longest living streak for the last month was 37min and 45sec with the TIE INTERCEPTOR!

OVERALL I WAS IN 7TH PLACE OUT OF 200982 OTHER STAR FIGHTER PILOTS! The only reason I wasn't number 1 was because the other guys had played alot longer than I did... and Playndumb cheated.

My overall Kill/Death ratio was 22-1 With mostly 89% of the time the FEARSOME, the DEADLY, TIE INTERCEPTOR!!!

My overall highest living streak for ONE life was 39min and 59sec with a TIE INTERCEPTOR!!! Which is a major feat I not once have ever used the stunt button, I do my OWN stunts learned from STAR WARS TIE FIGHTER and natural stunts learned my self or from the NAVY AVIATORS that Flew F-14s.

The fighting was EPIC!!! EPIC EPIC EPIC, I fought the Legendary Sacouch 69 ( BEST OVERALL STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2 PLAYER on X-Box) He is very good to say the least, there were times I couldn't even hit him. One of my Favorite matches with him was 3 days before the servers were shut down, we had 4 people on both sides, I was in my TIE INTERCEPTOR, he was in a X-Wing or A-Wing. At first I killed him with missiles 2 times B.V.R. However we merged the 3rd time DOG FIGHT!!! We both banked Left above a Imperial class I Star Destroyer, but he made a dangerous over shoot into my sights and his Wing fighter was all but destroyed by my LASER CANNONS! He dove away into the Star Destroyer hanger and hijacked a regular TIE FIGHTER, but I already had the Angel and my Lasers sent him into OBLIVION, I WAS HIS APOCALYPSE THAT DAY XD

This link I have here is to my videos on youtube of me fighting during the last days of Star Wars BattleFront 2 in Space.

This is one of the good fights, I had as a team in this one.

This here leads to my very last battle it really was the most epic one, it in total is made up of 7 videos, check it out to see if I won. I had to use my Hook Line and Sinker maneuver just to have a chance! This fight with the elite pilot Justino522 was Hard, mind numbing, THATS what I like, a CHALLENGE!!!

1st vid

This is the last one if you do not want to watch them all LOL

7th vid

I am the Best Pilot ever in Star Wars as you can see, fighting on foot... different matter altogether lol I am about as good as Sponge Bob Square Pants =P

Oh and if you haven't noticed I like to mention Star Wars TIE FIGHTER a lot, its because it is still the BEST OVER ALL FLIGHT SIM, not STAR WARS FLIGHT SIM, FLIGHT SIM PERIOD! That game is also extremely difficult and I just recently beat it on the HARDEST SETTING.

Here are my Stats and SOME of my favorite achievements from that game!




YUP thats right I killed a Imperial Class Star Destroyer with a TIE AVENGER!!! AND A COUPLE SPACE STATIONS!!!!!

The Best multiplayer from the X-Wing/Tie Fighter sim series was X-Wing Alliance which I got so good at I could beat TIE DEFENDERS with a TIE INTERCEPTOR! Here is the videos to prove it!



Last vid

Last but not least a video of me Dog fighting in the 5 campaign first level on Hard with a TIE Interceptor. It is uncommon for anyone to complete this level, it is ultra rare for anyone to complete every objective on the first mission.

Enjoy them! This is BK-77-7 Signing off!

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Posted by BK-77-7

I hope you all enjoy this, I realize I made an error and my Topics I picted the blog to be related to is not showing this blog... So I had to bump it unfortunately. 

Posted by MarvelJackAss433

Wait Wait Wait a minnut......That was YOU kicking my A$$?

Posted by BK-77-7
@MarvelJackAss433:  I guess so What was your gamer tag, sorry if I made you leave the match... = [  I just love that game and all of the Empire era flight sims from Industrial light and magic so much I had to finale right a blog about it!
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Awesome stuff dude, forgot how much i loved BF II, especially the sniper battles i used to have. Good times :)

Posted by BK-77-7
@Omega Ray Jay: I wasn't the best at ground fighting, actually the ai killed me before live people lol I got luck sometimes.  On time I got the Purple Laser Sniper Rifle, I won the match with it LOL  I hit a real guy not the ai which is even scarier that guy was freaking good, had the Purple Laser Shot Gun and was taking all my command posts.  Ever one I would take back he would take one of mine in its place!  So I noticed the Pattern, waited by a window, told my friend to go on without me and take the command post, sure enough I saw the guy leap through a window and I burned his braines out XD 
Boarding actions were a diffrent story I was good at that with my Imperial Pilot and commando pistol (until it became a Purple Laser Pistol)
Posted by BK-77-7

Just want to share this blog with everyone!  Hope you all like it and my vid on Youtube!