Reviews 04/11/11 - Marvel Universe & Ultimate Reviews


Punisher: In the Blood #5 - Goodbye, Rick Remender. This Punisher fan won't really miss you much. This story was a bit too rushed, especially given the wide open path to the conclusion established by issue 4. Remender's run has been so up and down. With Rucka coming on board, those downs will soon be forgotten.

Punisher Max #11 - A serviceable, if unexpected end to the second arc. The prison arc could have potential, but we've seen it several times before and probably better played.

Daredevil: Reborn #3 - This miniseries drowns in the depths of lameness. Wow. I cannot believe Diggle screwed the pooch to this degree.

Ultimate Doom #4 - A decent end for a lackluster miniseries. There are tons of questions left, but at least they didn't directly kill off Reed Richards. Of course, as a fan, I wanted him to live so we could have some explanation as to why he turned into a villain. The Sue/Ben love affair just doesn't feel right.

Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates #2 - Fun second issue. Nothing special or mind blowing, but it is always fun to see Fury's Spec-Ops team doing what they do.

Ultimate Spider-Man #'s 155-156 - God, this title has had some fun moments over the last few issues. It was nice to see Mark Bagley back on art duty for issue 156 even if that was a fairly weak issue in terms of story.

Ultimate X #4 - If this title came out on time it could be a real contender. Holy crap, this is a Loeb book that doesn't suck. The status quo established at the end of Ultimatum was awesome, but four issues into exploring that status change nearly two years after that event is fairly ineffectual. That's not to say what is here isn't strong because it is. The X-men have been painfully absent in the Ultimate Universe. This needs to be corrected. Perhaps it can be once this book gets back on a schedule resembling even a quarterly publication.

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Reviews 04/11/11 - X-Reviews

 [b]X-Force #5.1[/b] - A solid issue. Not the greatest and not the worst. I believe this is the first point one issue I've read. While i like the concept, perhaps it wasn't necessary for a series just five issues in. I'm still not buying the fact that everyone is bummed they killed Kidpocalypse.

[b]X-Force #6[/b] - This issue made more sense than the last, which is always good. I'm still not loving the idea of the Deathlok's, but I'm willing to see where this goes.

[b]Uncanny X-Men #534[/b] - The most positive thing I can say about this issue is that this arc is finally over. I liked the last issue, but this issue just seemed redundant.

[b]Uncanny X-Men Annual #3[/b] - Ugh. I disliked this issue on nearly every level, especially since it featured Hope. I disliked it even more when I got to the end and read that in the "mighty Marvel tradition" this annual would be finished in Namor and Super Solider annuals. Double ugh. Count me in the crowd that strongly disliked the crossover annuals of yore.

[b]X-Men #9[/b] - Not bad, but not great. There's finally a reason for the X-Men to be involved now. Some of the dialogue was decent, but I wasn't digging the art at times. While I love Bachalo, this issue felt rushed.

[b]X-Men: Legacy #246[/b] - I skipped out on the New Mutant issues because I did not order them. While I was able to follow along with the story, I felt like I was missing pieces of the story. I'm going to have to seek out those New Mutants issues before I have an informed opinion.

[b]Age of X #1[/b] - I have no recollection of ordering this, but boy was it a mess. The story was borderline idiotic.

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Reviews 03/22/11

 The Unwritten #22 - Excellent. Carey is creating something very special. I love the ending. The potential interactions between these fictional characters is going to be interesting.

American Vampire #12 - This issue was probably the strongest thus far as we get to see Skinner Sweet in all of his nastiness unleashed. This would be a good done-in-one affair for anyone interested in getting a taste for the book.

Cinderella: Fables Are Forever #1 - A textbook perfect first issue. This was a refreshing book to read after reading a litany of recent first issues just being strictly by the numbers. The mystery gets established immediately, the character interactions are awesome, and there is little time wasted here in pointless expository set-up. I'm really excited for this.

Fables #102 - This is a textbook case for how not to do a first issue in an arc. Lots of talk, very little action, especially given that this arc is supposed to be about a Fables superhero team. It's basically Bigby and Fly taking a stroll to see Mr. Dark at the edge of the woods. This is apparently a problem.

House of Mystery #35 - A decent end to this arc, but a great short story at the end. The story at the end would have fit very well in with the classic House of Mystery. The best part of this book remains the shorts.

Joe the Barbarian #8 - A great ending for this miniseries. Despite the tardiness of this issue, I thought this was a strong ending for Grant Morrison. This is perhaps his most lucid piece of work in a long time. I'm going to read this soon in one sitting. I think it will remain a strong story without having majors delays in-between issues.  

Doom Patrol #19 - Unreadable since I didn't get the Secret Six issue. This title is getting canned anyway. I can't harsh on it too much for depending on my getting an issue of Secret Six.

Justice League: Generation Lost #19-20 - Strong issues, but I've already read that DC really did not pull the trigger on the big death featured in issue #19. this is a great book because it just embraces its superhero leanings without trying to pretend it's something it really is not.

Booster Gold #41 - An okay issue. Nothing spectacular to write home about. I may drop this title once Bland Jurgens is returning.

Batman: Conspiracy #1 - This is one of the $7.99 100-page spectaculars DC has been cranking out. I love them because it allows me to read some decent stories for a fairly cheap price. This collects Legends of the Dark Knight #'s 86-88 and Detective Comics 821. The main story wasn't bad, but the J.H. William's artwork was excellent.

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