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C'mon son. Those aren't batmen, and why would the Bat only show up with five smoke pellets. Mad I opened this. Lol.

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Their needs to be a super hero video game similar to GTA V. For DC and Marvel. It'd be cool to explore the powers of our favorite heros in a open world. It should take years to create be specific on graphics. Treated to each characters needs and have story lines of the most broadening from start to finish. For example. Super man's legacy from when he lands on earth to when he dies of old age or how ever he dies. Lol. I know doomsday killed him before. Even though he came back to life but just saying. Please someone out there. Develop this game. I can help. My imagination is unbelievable. Imagine being Captain America from before he's a super solider until wherever his legacy is currently. Or Blade from his time before meeting whistler. Killing Dracula! Hunting werewolves?! Or even Hybrids?! Imagine Martian ManHunters story as being that one who thought he was the last Martian alive? Coming to earth and fitting in slowly but surely. Or John Stewart and Steel(forgot his real name) being in the army and then joining intergalactic armies like the justice league and the GL Corps. This Idea has so much potential I want to make it myself, but I'm fiend out for one of you Genius' to beat me to it!! WHEW! Lol

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@carter_esque: ok got ya. My bad. lol. I've been cursing up a storm. Forgive me mods. I feel like all kids watch are the gay cartoons now, it isn't like when I was growing up.

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I thought Wolverine could regenerate his heart and brain. Exponential mutant right there. The adamantium is made up of vibranium and titanium alloy right? Vibranium is a alien metal that absorbs shit. Wolverines agility is crazy and has gone toe to toe with the hulk. Not saying he's the winner just putting thoughts out there. Wolverine's always war ready. Ultimate Green Goblin wouldn't just obliterate. I honestly think Wolverine's under estimated given his abilites outside of just combat experience with different mutants for soo dam long. Wolverine's taking some damage to get a good slash to the noggin of Osborns'!

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Bizzarro is a retarted clone of Superman, I don't think he even absorbs the suns rays as effective, and Super Girl is kryptonian intellectually. Not like "Clark" who grew up here and then learned from his scientist father and mom about how things were. Slap yourself if you said Bizarro. lol. Don't take it personal just saying.

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All the homie Captain Marvel has to remember is not to say Shazam, he has the power of several GODS from greek mythology. Superman is the fucking truth and Superman is the fucking truth. Flash is definitely going to go so fast all moves super sluggish to him except for Superman with the speed to not only turn the earth so that it goes in a different direction creating time travel, but faster than the speed of light, and Captain Marvel with the speed of Hermes in these streets. Are you kidding me? Morals off the rest of the crews might not lift a finger. It'll be over before Red Hulk farts. Quicksilver got dusted, captain marvel gets dusted if Superman absorbs a yellow sun in another galaxy in like a matter of minutes if he wants too, and arguably before that. AM I TOO NERDED OUT OR WHAT? LOL.

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Star trek niggas go that hard? I gotta fuck with the movies. I mean if slade is fast enough to dodge some super heroes DC has to offer beside the non super powered ones, don't you think he could dodge some "frickin laser beams" lol. I mean don't be so closed minded. He's like a one eyed evil captain america. I mean as a younger guy I tried to fuck with Star Trek's series but I always found myself snoooorin bored. If the reboots give that much justice to these guys then I'll take a look, but DeathStroke's deserving a little more cred than that?! No? lol.

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Was just curious thought this didn't post for a while, but thanks for the feed back. I thought the new movie made RoboCop more heavyhitter or something. Should I see the new movie?

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This shit is so inspiring. I can't wait to show you guys what my teams are going to look like. Art work still in the making.

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i really liked that. Creative.

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