Can't stay current with comics

Staying current with comics these days is something I don't think I can do anymore. Being that my favorite comic company is Marvel and that they love to double ship some of their comics. Namely Avengers and X-Men. That's just to much for guy trying to pay off credit cards and save some money :) I don't think I'm the only one who doesn't care for double shipping but maybe I'm wrong. Also I think $3.99 is just a litte more than I'm willing to pay. And that's not just for digital comics but the floppies as well. Holding the line at $2.99 and all that :). At least DC drops their price on comics a dollar after a month or so on Comixology. I think Marvel doesn't decrease a price on one of their books until about a year or so. I guess I'll always be a year behind on Marvel comics. Also every once in a while you'll see a sale on older books for 99 cents like Comixology did the other weekend for Irredeemable.

But there is my rant for the day. I guess I'm showing my age when I remember comics being around $1.50. I'm all for supporting creators but not at $3.99 or $4.99. I love comics but unfortunately my wallet doesn't :(

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Posted by Veshark

Become a wait-for-trader?

Posted by BishopSummers

@veshark: Yeah trades are nice. I try to find deals on digital trades. I just don't have much room to collect physical comics anymore.

Posted by Xanni15

Yeah, buddy. They are certainly an expensive hobby.

You can always look at the library.

Posted by danhimself

I love double shipping! I don't have to wait as long between issues

though I do understand that some wouldn't like it

Posted by judasnixon

That is one great thing about double shipping the trades come out a lot faster..... If you are a Marvel guy. DC drop the price on their comics digital after a month..... The only DC book I read When it comes out is Wonder Woman.......

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U can save urself some money using eBay. I've been buying the digital codes for all new x men from there. I have most of the issues except 3 and the ones I do have I have paid just under $2 and in some cases just $1. Just a little til to try and help ur wallet.

Posted by BishopSummers

@humanrocket: Thanks for the tip. I'll have to look into that

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My biggest beef with pricing is that you aren't exactly getting more for what you are paying. I mean, the page count hasn't really increased and having read some stuff from the 1980s, I noticed that there is a lot more dialogue in comics compared to today (it generally takes me longer to read old stuff than current stuff). So my worry with price increases is that it'll continue to get bigger but very little being done on the company's part in justifying paying those prices.

Posted by BishopSummers

@juliedc: I agree. I'm done with a comic in 5 minutes and I just spent $4 or $5 dollars. That entertainment value doesn't always add up.

Posted by BishopSummers

@humanrocket: thanks again. I just picked up All New X-Men 1-5 for $4.75.

Posted by derf_jenkins

I am pretty sure the price increases are due to inflation and printing costs, etc. I doubt the companies think they are giving us more now than they did in the past.

Posted by BlazingNova

@bishopsummers: your welcome and I hope you enjoy all new xmen it's currently my fav series :)