My Fantastic Four Movie Idea

First, I think Marvel and Sony, whom is more responsible, dropped the ball with the last two Fantastic Four movies. Tim Story was not the right choice and while the second movie had more potential, should have had a different tone and director. That said, a new reboot is in the works and just wanted to give my two cents how I think it should go. 
The movie will have to deal with telling the origin again just because it is needed and honestly, most people are not too familiar with it. I think you honestly just start out with the origin right away. The Fantastic Four are already in space or blasting off, they are a team of explorers and quite famous at it. Lead by Ben Grimm with his team of scientist, this will add more of an adventure twist to the story because they are a family of adventurers. The team also includes Sue and Johnny Storm but they are not really scientist, just there for the ride. More will be explained on how their families, Richards and Storms, have been adventures for many years and this is the latest iteration of the team. 
Reed is a genius on a level that he doesn't truly know yet and is focused on solving the worlds problems. Ben is the tough pilot always looking for the next thrill and acts as the team's leader with dangerous situations. More will be filled out about the team and what they do. They are sort of famous with the world with their discoveries and adventures which include multiple tv specials and documentaries, which really goes to Johnny's head. 
The team is in space researching "cosmic rays" when things go bad and they get hit directly with them. Ship goes down and yadda yadda. They have powers although slightly different Ben doesn't transformed just yet. He is stronger than before and is looked at like a "Superman" with his strength. Over time he starts to become more rock like, hiding his skin transformations and such. The story goes through Ben's transformation into the rock monster, The Thing and how Reed not only feels responsible but has to take his spot as the true leader of the team. 
They have to go underground where a underground tunnel in Central Park has caused all sorts of creatures to come out and creep around NYC. The Fantastic Four go to investigate what they are and where they are from where they find the underground city and the mole men. The Underground city is more like Middle Earth's Shire, a beautiful little area that is full of all sorts of creatures. It is from this world that past magical creatures have come from when these tunnels were made. The thing that keeps it all stable is a powerful energy source which is similar to the same cosmic rays that gave them their powers. 
Leader of the Mole people is the Mole Man, a bubbly tubby character that is very whimsical and shows off his kingdom. He explains that he was a New Yorker once and fell down into the wormhole where he helped them with their problems and became leader. They apologize for the hole and say that it happens from time to time due to the different creatures. The Mole Man looks more sickly over time and coughs alot to show his time is ending and he is worried about the future of his people. The only thing keeping him going is a shadowy figured he calls "Doctor". 
It plays out where Doctor has a pull over Mole Man as his trusted ally but he doesn't trust the outsiders and says they must be done away with. The story goes on and shows that the Cosmic Ray Orb has intense power that keeps the Underground world together but it is also very dangerous. Reed wants to do more testing but Mole Man disagrees and with the Doctor's advice he bans the four. 
The Doctor turns out to be Doctor Victor Von Doom, Reed's former roommate and friend that went missing in college due to his failed experiment. The device was actually to be used to contact the dead, Victor's mother primarily, but it tool him to hell for a second and placed him alone on the world. He has seen true darkness and wants to use the Orb to restore himself and the power he feels he deserves. 
Mole Man is deceived as Doom takes the orb with his bots and is transformed into a horrible giant monster and is unleashed in Times Square. Fantastic Four defeat it but it is too late as they now it is the Mole Man. With his last breath he tells them what Doom has done. Doom uses the power of the orb and twist the Underground city into his own twisted army of monsters to attack the world. 
Leads to a final confrontation between them and Doom which Reed tricks Doom into using the cosmic rays on himself. Doom does this and is unable to control the changes to himself. Reed gets the Orb back as Doom cringes in horror at what he has become. As Reed goes to help his former friend Doom explodes leaving parts everywhere. Reed feels sad he was unable to save his friend and the Underground world is destroyed to the Orb being destroyed. Later Reed does some testing and notices no remains, we then see Doctor Doom in a castle with the Cosmic Orb as he looks on. Doom gets the upper hand in the end and by the time Reed notices it, it is too late. 
Reed Richards: Michael Vartan from Alias
Ben Grimm: Brad Pitt
Sue Storm:  Poppy Montgomery
Johnny Storm:  Shia Labeouf  
Doctor Doom: Johnny Depp
This was my casting a few years ago before the movies were made. Went with mainly TV actors at the time because they tend to be cheaper. Now the cast maybe too old but you never know. Brad Pitt as Ben was I thought to show his radical change from what people know of him into a monster. Depp would be able to carry the role very well although his price tag may be too high for a role behind a mask.
Posted by Gylan Thomas

Odd Cast choices.
Did Sony have a hand in the original movies? I thought it was fox.

Posted by War Killer

It sounds like a FF story, just not sure it would translate well with the general movie going, they would most likely understand the origin of the team, but as the story went on, I have a feeling they wouldn't care much for the Mole Man or his creatures. Not sure Mole Man would work as a good villain... 

Posted by brendon277

I think they should keep the original cast i'm a big FF fan and they seem to be a really good fit and i truthfully can't see Brad Pitt playing The Thing.

Posted by bingbangboom
@Gylan Thomas said:
" Odd Cast choices. Did Sony have a hand in the original movies? I thought it was fox. "
Sorry it was Fox, not Sony.
Posted by TheManOfSteel456

I liked the idea... But Sue IS a scientist in the comics. 
Brad Pitt for Ben Grimm? No. He should be voiced by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. 
Johnny Depp shouldn't play Doom.

All in all.... ehh... I liked it. Certainly better than most ideas I've seen.

Posted by Peter Petruski

As long as the new Sue Storm actress looks like Sue, then I will be a happy camper.
Posted by Dracade102

Johnny Depp as Doom? WHA--?!

Edited by Gambit1024

I like your movie idea, but your casting could use some work. 
Personally, I'd like the FF movie better if it were a period piece set in the 60's with: 

 Ralph Phinneas as Mr. Fantastic
 Naomi Watts as Invisible Woman
Chris Evans as the Human Torch 

Bruce Willis as the Thing 

 Richard Armitage as Dr. Doom

      Danny Divito as Mole Man
Posted by bingbangboom
@Gambit1024: Thanks, but we can agree to disagree. Evans already played Torch and is Captain America now. This was my old cast btw going back almost 10 years before the first movies were made. At that point everyone was much younger but with any movie like this, they are going with a younger cast period. Just how it is, not like your actors are old but they are in terms of these movies. Danny Divito makes the most sense for Mole Man just because of how he looks but I havn't seen him in a non comical role in a very long time.