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she uses tk more but i like telepathy more

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You're all complaining that she hasn't been in enough films to be Storm. Hugh Jackman had only been in two films and is now a fan favourite despite being different in some respect to his character in the comics.

Halle Berry and Tyra Banks don't (In my opinion) have the look of Storm whilst Lupita looks more authentic. And the whole"she smiles so she isn't Storm" argument is worth nothing.

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I adore Lupita as Storm. She is actually African. She looks African. She can act.

Halle Berry is alright. She is not African. She doesn't look or sound African. She can act.

I don't think that Berry is that good as Storm, mainly because of what the directors and creators of the show are doing with her character. I do think that there is an element of acting and character that makes Berry not the ideal choice for Ororo.

On the other hand, I feel like Lupita could be steered in the right direction for Storm and could end up playing a perfect casting.

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Why is this only on blu ray? this makes me sad. :(

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@Jake Fury said:

@Edamame said:
" @Jake Fury said:
" @ComicMan24 said:
"Emma's diamond form is not indestructible. If Archangel hit the right spots he can win. "
I think he can hit her with a barrage and hit those spots. "
I thought that there was only one weak spot and that it had to be a precise shot. Like a bullet? Plus she can try to block that one weak spot. Since when does Archangel have precise shooting of projectiles? "
I don't think his accuracy matters. If he fires off enough of them one is bound to hit the right spot. If not he can just grab her and fly her up a few thousand feet and drop her.

The fact that he can only hover 3-4 inches is clearly stated.

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@sky-pirate said:

Precognition. Telepathy wouldn't be as useful. Imagen if a bank's been robbed (where perhaps one or two people were killed) or a child's been abducted in a park. Everything's already happened by the time I come in. And all I'd be able to do, is say wether or not you're guilty (doubt my range would be very wide, so I'd probably have to be in the same room as you). So, all I could do is stop you from doing it again.

With precognition I'd know for hours in advance, when and where the crime will be commited. So, I could alert the police for where they should be at a specific time. Meaning, the bank robbers are caught before making it into the bank (saving the life of whoever would've died during the robbery) and the kidnapper's caught, trying to snatch the kid in the park. With telepathy, all I could've done is later, preventing you from harming another child. With precognition, I could stop you from harming a kid in the first place.

Precognition could also be useful in fields outside of crime (which telepathy wouldn't), as I'd know if an accident will occur or if someone will attempt suicide and prevent it.

A useful point The police would not believe you :

You: " you see that guy over there? He's going to rob the bank.

Police: "yeah whatever stoner. your getting a drug test."

haha lol. out in the field you could sense whether or not someone was guilty to a crime whilst interviewing him and search his mind for where he hid the evidence and body. But good points. Touche We could be a mutant detective team. "Ultimate and Extrasensory; Mutant Detectives"..

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I personally never liked the original saga (sue me i'm 14) so I hope Luke isn't seen and the film is set years/decades/centuries before 1 2 and 3 so the Jedi order can be explored a bit.

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I love the Storm/Black Panther thing but I've always been happy at the prospect of Storm /Beast/Wolverine/Nightcrawler.

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I believe Emma Frost mind wiped Shaw and let him start a new life. Since I collect Essential X-men in the UK, would it be possible for Shaw to have found America again and discovered his powers again? PS. Emma placed him in the most landlocked place in the world as protection from Namor who would kill him.

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the dark knight joker heath leger