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To be honest I kinda like the change. People are so upset about Thor, but we all know he will get the hammer back. Beta Ray Bill was worthy to pick up Mjolnir and he got Stormbreaker as a replacement and Eric Masterson did the same and received Thunderstrike. This will be no different. Just FYI There have been a few attempts at showing female that can handle the role of a Thor figure or even Mjolnir its self.

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Popularity contest

Green Arrow is hundreds of times more popular then Moon Knight. Always has been, and even more so now that Arrow is on TV.

I'm not disagreeing with you, but I'm not sure the majority of people who watch Arrow are necessarily the same people who also visit Comic Vine regularly and participate in these polls.

Majority of people that watch the Arrow might not come to this site, but I have a hunch that a lot of people that come to this site watch the Arrow. I watched every episode and I am a big fan of the show and I still voted for Moon Knight.

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After thinking about this it is my opinion that the Bat/Spider team should win.

I believe the Cap/Logan team has the power and potential to win; however, Cap/Logan have two different fight approaches. Captain America like to go the tactical route and Wolverine likes to go straight in. I know he has changed since he has taken over the school, but he the best at what he does and that is killing and that hasn't changed. I might be wrong, but didn't Cap want Logan off the Avengers because of his history? If Logan can calm down and think tactical and listen to Cap's instructions then they might win (I don't see that happening).

Now Spider/Bat team on the other hand has two brilliant men that mainly work solo; however, they are smart enough to know when they need to team up. They both can come from above and from any angle. They will have the advantage of surprise attack (well maybe). If they can separate Cap from his shield and immobilize him then Wolverine will be next to go down. I believe Cap will be the harder of the two in this fight and he needs to be the first to be focused on.

My vote out of 10 fights:

Spider/Bat: 6 win

Logan/Cap:4 wins

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I think I just had a Nerdgasam.... Can someone pass me a paper towel?

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Marvel got the movies and DC has the TV shows.

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I wish the Fantastic Four started a school and each member of the Illuminati had to enroll 4 members of their faction to represent them and to learn to fight as a four person team. I could see new titles X4, Inhuman4, Iron4, etc... With the new Inhumans being created it would be the perfect time. I could see Medusa doing this for public relations. A lot of inhumans popping up she has to look good in the some how.

I think a perfect team would be the following: Inferno, Flynn, Ms. Marvel and The Junkman. These guys are so new it would be awesome to see how they grow as heroes

For the Mutants I think Rockslide, Match, Armor and Mercury would be a good team. They already have work together as a team and it would be ideal for them to work together on this. I could also see the conversations between Rockslide and Thing on dealing with looking different.

Stark would just build 4 suits for Shield Agent or something like that. A team of trained know it all's and they think they do not need to be there.

Dr. Strange would more than likely find 4 Wiccan Elementalist and they will be the ones preaching about nature and stuff.

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That is an awesome drawing of him!

P.S. The worst thing they ever did was killing him off.

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@war_killer: How is DC rushing things?

This movie is planning to be released in 2018 (the earliest). 4 years is rushing?

That's just absurd.


At least by then my 3yr old will be old enough to understand the movie :D