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I have a feeling it will fail. Not that I want it to, but I just have that feeling. Fox seems to be doing well with Gotham, but NBC failed with Constantine. I really hope CBS can pull it off, but it looks like CW is the station where it is at. Arrow, iZombie, Flash, even Smallville (Stations was WB prior to the merge with UPN).

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Are Inhumans going to take place of the mutants in the Marvel Movie franchise? We all know Fox owns the rights to mutant characters and this prevents Marvel from using them in the Movies and TV Shows. I think this might be the reason for the big push of Inhumans in the comics and Agents of SHIELD T.V. show. I am not complaining at all since I love the new Inhuman series. I was just wondering what you think?

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Now I'm believing of this alternate past thing, this O5 is not the Earth-616 O5.

I am starting to believe this as well. I believe the writers want to keep this young O5 in the current 616 universe and this a way to gradually determine that they might not be from the 616's past. They have been out of their time for a while and I think they would have had some big changes from the time displacement.

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Marvel is doing the Max Ride Series by James Paterson? I wonder if this is successful does it mean a possible movie in the future? I would freaking love to see the Flying Erasers.

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I am a Marvel Fanboy and Love Most of the movies made by Marvel; however, DC has had the most success with cartoons and TV shows. In my opinion Marvel finally got it right with Agents of SHIELD TV show. It had a slow first season, but it progressed and became so much better. I love how they introduced the Inhumans through the Agents of SHIELD TV show. I bet this was done since Fox has the Movie rights to mutants and Marvel needs an enhanced race to take their place in the movies now. Instead of X-Men now they have iMen(j/k). I just hope they did not make Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver Inhumans in the upcoming Avengers movie.

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I think the reason they are bumping out old stories is so they can use them in the movies. They will be fresh to the new readers, but blah to the older ones.

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I like the new costume, but I hate the mask/sunglasses. I do like that some characters are moving away from the spandex and into more realistic costumes. After reading the whole Spider-Verse I am more accepting of new spider costume designs.

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To be honest I kinda like the change. People are so upset about Thor, but we all know he will get the hammer back. Beta Ray Bill was worthy to pick up Mjolnir and he got Stormbreaker as a replacement and Eric Masterson did the same and received Thunderstrike. This will be no different. Just FYI There have been a few attempts at showing female that can handle the role of a Thor figure or even Mjolnir its self.