Top 5: Wishlist of Dark-Hearted Comics & Manga

In honor of reaching over 1,000 posts here, these are 5 of an list of darker comic franchises that I'd like to read...

5- The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service
This actually had my attention from what I've heard about. However, there's not much content about the series in this database, so I'll edit it whenever I get the chance.
4- 30 Days of Night
I saw the movie (thought it was good), and I was also wondering if this was any better...
3- The Walking Dead
A friend of mine introduced the first couple of pages of the story to me. If I didn't put this gem on my list, I'd be ashamed of myself! 
2- The Evil Dead
I just found out about this from a conversation about the movie. It sounded very cool, so I'd like to give it a try.
1- Battle Royale
The plot is really dark from what I've read about it. I've already survived the "Goth" Manga (I'll add it to this database after I post this [EDIT: It's added!]), so I intend to read  the omnibus editions of this as well.
I'll add more of them later, but as an user list rather than an continued blog. Please let me know if you also recommend anything else (doesn't have to fit the theme, though). -BH
Posted by Sexy Merc
  1. Battle Royale is dark, gory, violent, and pretty sexual too. If you generalize it or read it close-minded, you'd probably hate it. If you actually pay attention to the plot and back stories for the characters, it's actually really damn good.
  2. Never heard of it.
  3. I have sadly never read it yet.
  4. I heard about the movie, never seen it though.
  5. I love this manga. The characters, connections, overall plot etc. It's a must-read imo. Simply awesome.
Posted by Bigheart711
@Sexy Merc: Thanks for the memo!