TINB: Hana-Kimi gets a K-Drama Adaptation

 Yeah, it's a surprise to you all, but at least let me give some news that isn't so depressing.

(Note: This is the first of the "This Is NO Bull/Bluff" Blogs, where I have some news that relates to this site's theme & have some choice questions about the topic. This first one's for AV, CV and Screened. For CV, the title will be known as "This Is No Bluff" from here on. ;] )
Earlier this week, it was confirmed that a K-Drama version of Hana Kimi (AKA “For You In Full Blossom”) based on the manga will be produced by SME and soon and will be most likely known as "Beautiful You". There is also a possibility of some Korean stars will be present, but none are announced as of this post.

Question In Mind (for all)

How do you normally feel about your favorite comic/manga series being adapted into a TV show or movie?
Author's Opinion: It depends on the series, though. If It happened to be a series I'm familiar with, then I will most likely see the movie/show unless I notice that something wrong's in the picture, which I've experienced three times too many. I will look forward to this despite already being on Episode 10 or 11 of the J-Drama (which is funny as hell on my book). I'm wondering on your opinions on this as well, dear readers.

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