Thoughts on the new Spoiler Tags

I'll say the same thing here as I did for Screened (But I won't put it in quotes)...
I thought the new spoiler tags would be for the better, but since they cover words like a censor bar, I still might end up freaked out. For example, back when I was at ANN (Anime News Network), when the spoilers were blacked out, but smaller, one user looked like they were spoiling a story in GREAT detail. There were two to three paragraphs of nothing but Spoiler Text and it freaked me out completely. It wasn't why I left that site's forums, though (Left 'cause I was too busy with fun things on Whiskey Media). I feel that I must face this fear since I love WM so much. Don't worry, If I were to use the function, I'll be as short as possible for them.

Also, If I find someone actually trying to censor the worse cuss words on here using that spoiler feature, I'd burst out laughing when I flag them. Just a thought. XD Anyway, thanks for reading!

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