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So, I recently found myself confused about the Marvel multiverse and how they work. For instance, Dr, Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth 616. Does that mean he is the Sorcerer Supreme of that entire reality or just Earth? Are there other Sorcerer Supremes on other planets or should Strange be fighting mystical threats all over the Universe? And are other dimensions(Asgard, various heaven, and hell realms, limbo, etc) part of the Earth 616(or whatever reality they are attached to) or are they considered different realities all together? And how do the Incursions work? Do the collision of two alternate reality Earth's destroy just Earth or the entirety of the reality? Basically, how does the Multiverse work?

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Looks to me like its talking about every single Avenger. I recognize some of those silhouettes

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@pooty said:

@biggkeem89: pretty good. The question where you answered Cain is incorrect. The question is who murdered people and caused his own death at the same time. I will edit that question.

oh I wondered exactly what that meant. Ill change my answer to Samson

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Cain Abel Seth

Dont know-Daniel?

One was a lion

First murder was Cain



Malachi? Dont remember

Shadrach Mesach Ebednego

Ester Ruth

Trick question-Methusaleh lived the longest however his father Enoch was taken into heaven by God. Technically Enoch never died making him the longest living person

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I have quite a few paranormal stories that happened to me or my family( I think we may be intuned to the supernatural). Heres one I call The Little Man-

The year i was born, my oldest sister was diagnosed with a disease. It attacked her immune system for ten years causing many health problems. Before every major illness my sis would have the same recurring nightmare. She would be chased by The Little Man-a short grotesque creature that looked human but had animal features. It would chase her relentlessly, clawing and scratching her but she would awake before it could catch her. Then in December 1999, my sister went in for a routine check and the drs found a blood clot they needed to operate on. She lost her leg but pulled through nicely. I visited her on Christmas eve. When I came into the room she awoke suddenly and said The Little Man was back. She had the dream again but this time The Little Man transformed into a wolf beast and devoured her. We visited a while longer and as we left she said one last thing-The Little Man was in the room and he was waiting. We went home to finish preparing for Christmas. The next morning as we loaded the car to take her her gifts, we got a call saying my sister had died suddenly. She was only 27. And heres the scary part-the disease she died of was Lupus which means Wolf...

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Im sorry but Im going to have to disagree with most of this review. I saw the film and it was fantastic. Its something different from the rest of the superhero movies out there and I found the acting better and way more entertaining than the bag of dung that was Man of Steel. Funny, action packed, and even drama are handled nicely. Out of pretty lackluster summer of comic movies, Kick Ass 2 was hands down the best

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I absolutely loved it. All my doubts about the movie went away when I saw how awesome Rocket Raccoon looked

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As the title states, what characters best represent your personality?

Mine would be Spider Jerusalem and (Pre-New 52) The Question(Vic Sage)

What are yours?

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I freaking knew it. From him voicing the Iron Giant, it would make since for him to be Groot.