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Thanos with little to no effort.

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These two characters have been around longer than the most, they have met faced and defeated, most of DC characters on their tier, but they have never faced each other!

And now, with the New Deahstroke series, on which we already had Deathstroke vs Bronze Tiger, we will get to see Deathstroke vs Batman, on February 25...and while those are just classic's, and a ton of fun for everyone that enjoys action, we maybe be on the verge, of witnessing history being made.. it just so happens that Lady Shiva has also appeared on this series, and she sent Bronze Tiger to kill Deathstroke, and since Bronze Tiger failled on his mission, will Lady Shiva come face-to-face against Deathstroke herself? making history, in the process?

I don't understand, is Slade supposed to be younger now?

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Piracy is a good thing for industry.

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Killing people seems like the way to go for some people...Smh..Its very refreshing.. I'm of the same religion and I don't behead ppl..

Maybe you'll evolve :P

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@gamiz7 said:

@bigcimmerian: batman is not that young, i think nightwing and batgirl are 20 but i do think i wrong on that one

Actually he is, in New 52 continuity he returned to Gotham as 25 year old. It's been 8 years since then.

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Lex is better scientist, Batman is better detective and strategist.

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Here the list:

Batman 32

Nightwing 21

Red Robin 17

Red hood 18

Bat girl 21

Batwing 23

Batwoman. 23

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@bigcimmerian: And that (airstrikes) qualifies as a war crime I agree. NATO may not be perfect but it's a lot better than some of the alternatives out there. I believe from what I've read, that the total of civilian casualties was just over 2000 and that number is unjustified. That said the Yugoslav Armed Forces weren't angels either, the Racak Massacre that triggered the NATO attacks after the UN had tried to install a ceasefire had nothing to do with American Aggression. And although I feel that many good things come from war (such as heart surgery, antibiotics, the jet turbine etc) but war itself is evil, that said it's rarely black and white, with all forces being responsible for some criminal acts during the conflict. To put it bluntly war is dirty and you'll never come out of it cleaner than when you went in.

Yes, Yugoslav army massacred many Albanians, but it was justified, dozens of Serbian soldiers and cops were killed in terrorist actions commited by KLA before Yugoslav army intervened. This Serbian/Albanian conflict is too complicated. It spans for centuries, and it's mostly Ottomans fault.

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Crimea is back to it's historical owner, no big deal.

By that logic we should have a very different Russian map today since most of western and southern Russia sits in "stolen" land by your logic... And I suspect that Sibir weren't too happy either when Russians conquered Siberia from them at the early 17th century.

By that logic USA doesn't exist and entire USA's territory belongs to native americans.