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Not normal.

I once had a dream where I was War Machine and me and some other dude in an Iron suit were fighting guys in Huge Iron Monger-like suits and and then near the end of the dream I accidentally killed the villains by shooting a missile at them. Then I met Tony Stark and Pepper Potts and lied to them and said the mission went well and no body died.

Not normal

I sometimes daydream about a more buff metallic version of Brainiac punching the s*** out of Superman

Not normal.
I sometimes dream about strangling some people.

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Accidentally posted it in battles, can you move it in Off topic? @saren @god_spawn

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- Ok my last ask me thread that I made long time ago wasn't very succesful, why don't try again? :D

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This thread and the posts in it are a perfect example of why it's mostly impossible to have thoughtful discussions on CV. One guy says that this flag is being banned and then everyone just assumes he's right and starts ranting and getting angry. Who cares about the truth or about even reading the actual text of the bill. Even the OP who quoted the text apparently couldnt be bothered to read it. If so then it'd be obvious that the flag is not being banned at all.

I think that California should be indenpedent.

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@shawnbaby: I don't know man, this seems like good marksmanship feat to me.

What...hitting someone at Point Blank range with a wide-beam energy attack? That hardly screams marksmanship. The harpoon grab is pretty good....but it's a stationary target and once again the range was pretty close.

What does interest me though is Aquaman Stating that the batteries don't last long. That kinda makes it crucial that Manta is able to hit Norman right away. Evry miss is going to be a huge drain.

I wasn't talking about his energy attack. Harpoon grab is very impressive if you ask me. Look at the size of the target, and you can't say anything about the distance between the target and Manta because it's not shown here.

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@shawnbaby: I don't know man, this seems like good marksmanship feat to me.

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@bat_girl_cc: @youngjustice:

- Azrael vs Bane - Azrael has beaten Bane with such ease idk where you got that Stalemate from

- Batman vs Black Manta - (This is a close Fight But Batman Win cause Black Manta is Cocky and let not forget Aqauman Villain so we know he won't be that hard also Black Manta just a avg like aqauman with less powers to talk to Animals )

- Cassandra Cain vs Bronze Tiger - Cass.

- Nightwing vs Captain Boomerang - Stalemate For The Fact Captain Boomerang is still a Avg Threats to even Flash but with NightWing Agility he should be able to dodge and he still has batarang that can deflect his boomerangs )

- Jason Todd vs Deadshot - (If You Seen DeadShot vs Jokers that fight was pretty darn close but with Jason vs Jokers he nearly Killed Him with ease Deadshot had Distant Maybe DeadShot but with prep Jason Todd Wins

- Tim Drake vs Harley Queen - Every Has Beaten Harley Before `it like the Bat Family Traditon

Not Saying Bat Family with Ease But Bat Family Wins since SS Prep is just with Amanada Waller

hahahhaha I really hope you're joking/trolling.

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Many humans can lift about 1000 lbs in real life. But they are big, big, BIG.

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@roddy010: Hehe, my biggest fear is being in murky water and seeing giant anaconda, or crocodile or shark swimming near me.