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This comic is an absolute riot.The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2 is one of the most entertaining reads you are going to find in comics. Nick Spencer has assembled a ragtag group of b-listers from Spider-Man’s rogues gallery into a makeshift version of the Sinister Six and created one of the most fun to read teams in comics today. The title itself is a parody of the team, as there is absolutely nothing superior about this crew led by Boomerang. We spend a lot of time in Boomerang’s head in this...

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Delicious 0

YE BE WARNED!!! There’s really no way to write this review without spoiling the events of the last issue so I suggest that you proceed with caution. Your other (and the more obvious) option is to go out and buy whatever Fearless Defenders issues you don’t already own, because why would you not? I’m being serious. Go out and by them right now. It’s okay, this review will be here when you get back. Go! Who me? Nah, it’s cool, I’ll wait. I’ll just be here reading my awesome Fearless Defenders comi...

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Urgh 0

Jocelyn Lure attempts to break into Superboy's apartment. Before her very eyes the door handle fades out of existence, further proving her theory that Superboy is somehow altering time with his very existence. Lure kicks down the door but is surprised to find the apartment covered in dust sheets and ponders where he might have vanished to.For some reason, after encountering the H.I.V.E agent previously, Dr. Psycho is confident that another might be hiding out in McDuffie High School. Superboy w...

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Red Sonja #1 0

The problem with finding a wider appeal for Red Sonja has always been that her perceived image is that of a one-note heroine drawn for a specific demographic. Indeed, the cheesecake covers that have graced the front of Dynamite’s many variants over the better part of the last decade have done very little to dissuade us of the notion that a warrior in a metal bikini is not the sort of thing that sophisticated modern comics connoisseurs should digest. Which is precisely why the character was ripe...

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It's a shame what happened to her. 0

Judging by the books opening pages, you’d think that this would be another god-awful issue like pretty much everything else that we’ve seen since September, but it actually gets much better. Let me be clear: it gets better but I still don’t recommend that you buy it. Ann Nocenti’s Catwoman run is a risky buy at a quarter sale! What I’m saying is that the Catwoman Annual actually has a good structure, makes sense (most of the time), and has better artwork than we see in the ongoing series. Sure ...

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