Return to the DC Universe - JLA - The Core

I know this is, like, my fourth time doing this list, you guys, but I've finally come to grips to what I want to do with this. The first thought to the JLA in my Return to the DC Universe idea, which takes us back to the pre-New 52 Earth-0, slightly changed of course, is to want to make them the premier franchise outside of Batman and Green Lantern, since after all, DC has amazing properties to use if they took the time and energy to explore them or galvanize them.

*AHEM* Moving on, the idea for the League now is to have them get bigger, like what Jonathan Hickman's doing with Avengers for Marvel NOW!, so I want to make the JLA bigger to deal with bigger threats that arise over time, and given the fact of how things progressed with enemies like Darkseid in Final Crisis, or Nekron in Blackest Night... the League needs to be more ready and prepared. So let's get to the list! =D

So this is the Core, the first JLA which is smaller to begin so that it can better handle scenarios until more is required.

List items

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