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Like I said, It's more that I had grown up reading Marvel and was very invested in Marvel. It took a real push to expand away from their books and their universe as a whole. That push came in the form of the price jump and then I was really pleasantly surprised with the DC universe's writers, storylines, characters, art, and price consistency.
I thought it was kind of a neat storyline just for a chance to see some characters that I haven't seen in a long time (in addition to all the dead folks, Blink and Mortis). It was interesting to see the Hellions again because I thought they were very under utilized when they were actually alive. It was one of my favorite X-men storylines in a while.  
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I think it really says a lot about the abilities of a writer when they can pen such a serious and touching origin to a character that was originally created as a joke. Dex-Starr is easily my favorite out of the non-GL corps and I think that his origin is extremely well written and very touching.
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No brand loyalty wasn't so much my point, it was more being really appreciative of price consistency on DC's part and the way they have really seemed to step up with some interesting story lines and jumping on points for new readers. I still collect Marvel books, but definitely not as many as I used to, but that is beacuse of price, which I think is pretty different from brand loyalty.
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So awesome! I can't wait! The biggest issue I had was the costume but I am even warming up to that now.

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When did you hear this information? I am from Buffalo and I had always heard this legend indirectly and it's awesome to have it confirmed. I literally walk through the Buffalo Psych Center's complex (aka Richardson complex) every day to get to Buff State! So cool.