Role Reversal

Get back here, Damian!...dammit.

What if Bruce decided to make Damian the new Batman in Gotham, at his current age, and to place Dick in the Robin outfit again? Do you think it would fly with Dick?
Na, na, I'm Batman!

The James Robinson Comedy Hour

I think there should be a weekly segment on Comic Vine like the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, hosted by none other than James Robinson. He'll do a funny monologue about Hollywood, comic books, and maybe some current events. You'll have guest stars like Jim Lee and stars from the latest comic book film adaptations, and you'll have some skits with Sarah, Tony, Norm, and gang. Each night will end with, "What have we learned tonight, Jim?" And James will sit on the sofa, sipping on a Venti Cappucino, discussing and cussing about some of the things that occured on that week's segment. It'll post every Friday at 2AM. We can call it, "Jim's Big Vine Show"  :D
I'M the King of Late Night!

Pretty Hulk or Ugly Hulk?

It only hurts when I breathe.

The seventies series with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno portrays a grotesgue looking Hulk with special effects make-up and Lou's mug as a template. The result is a facial expression that looks pained in it's grotesque disfiguration. The newer, sleeker, CGI version makes Hulk look like a thinking man in green make-up. I say, let's go with ugly and pained, 'cause, that's what he is!  
awww, pretty Hulk

Talia and Jason?

I must help Jason to be big and strong...
  How much of a helping hand do you think Talia gave Jason while training him to be an assassin? Discuss.

Did Leslie Thompkins really pull one on Batman?

Stephanie Brown died as Robin, or so it seemed. Batman was present when she "died." It was a stunt on Dr. Leslie Thompkin's part to show that kids shouldn't be vigilantes. Stephanie's body was switched for someone that overdosed. Now, was Batman really unable to tell the difference? He's BATMAN, for g-d's sake! Or, was he just sad over the death of a girl  he didn't know?

The evolution of Robin

They just can't keep their hands off eachother

 I think it's amazing that all the characters that have been Robin either grow up, get killed, or get their asses kicked into retirement of the Robin suit. It really is a temporary job. Now, Tim is on his way out of the Robin outfit, I think we can safely assume, and now Damien, Bruce's son, is the new Robin. This character continues to change evolve, regress, and so on, with each new incarnation. And then the kids keep coming back to Batman, like college grads who move back in with their parents. Dick doesn't even have a city of his own anymore, since Bludhaven got blown  up. Jason has to go and resurrect himself so he can be closer to Batman, and Tim, well, let's face it, Tim will always be near Bruce in some way. This kid Damien, he's trouble, and I think he'll be closer to Bruce just because he really is his son. They should call the new series Batman and Robins.

What hero, or villain should Mel Gibson play?

With all the news surrounding Mel Gibson's rants on tape this last week, the public spotlight is on him once again. All that rage seems befitting of some well known characters. He could play an age-old Wolverine, on his last leg, or maybe an older Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond film.