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@bumnut said:

" Drax/Warlock! "

and maybe Surfer during the 80s and 90s because Drax and Warlock kinda fell off the map for a while
Warlock is back with a bang in the GotG stories and he has gone nuts recently
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@Static Shock said:

" Doesn't matter. Binary isn't in this battle.
  @Oidhe said:

" Power Girl has MASSIVE BOOBS "
but seriously Ms Marvel doesn't have many feats to match her speed, PowerGirl isn't as fast as Superman but she's fast enough to blitz Ms Marvel
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@Risky said:

@byex said:

" the domino theory is busted

  @Nerx: Good question, looks like we have to find out. But I'll watch the spoilers closely so I don't have that comic in my collection if it should really be Domino. "
 yeah there goes that theory
@Voidheart said:

" red she hulk is either domino or that wolf chick "

dont think its her either
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Hopefully they make this story more credible by giving him a showing in Siege #4
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@AtPhantom said:
" Just out of curiosity, why does everyone think Arishem is more powerful than TOAA? "
He was the supreme authority before the Dreaming Celestial stepped up and started having a position equal to TOAA
 Arishem used to judge if a species the Celestials created/evolved was worthy of survival, if not he could wipe space civilizations out in a blink 
All of Earth's Skyfathers Odin, Osiris, Vishnu,  Zeus...once attacked Arishem and barley got his attention, then in another fight Odin gets all the spirits of  Asgard puts them into the Destroyer armor only to fail again
Kirby once wrote the Celestial Arishem obliterates star systems, and enslaved the Galaxies. This guy was the ultimate Celestial badass, he also went to war against the Watchers

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@The Man of Yesteryear said:

" @PhoenixoftheAmazonianStorm said:




@Bobby X

"@Morpheus_ said:
"Omknipotence for the win. "

Surely that must spell trouble for Thanos and Thor! ...see what I did there?   ....Anywaaays... Time for me to be hitting the old dusty trail. "

u people are impossible to debate with but heres storm destroying some powerful beiongs;  

aS YOU CAN SEE in a recent issue of the dark avbengers storm kills the sentry/void when he hits her and he waas at full power but he adtied he was still no match but she still killed him. 

  Oh yea and when she killed silver surfer in the 90's.  "

Never killed ethier of them!!!!  .
I agree with rabjibsty. 



" I'm posting this pic here too:


Me too. Storm is the clear winner here. 

seriously did you have to post those pictures
and Storm never fought the Sentry
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Classic Strange can be an absolute beast with crazy feats that make Zoom look really one dimensional and weak, but without time to prepare Strange wasn't so impressive so in a random location with no prep I think Zoom can turn him to roadkill. Zoom has crazy speed and in a random encounter I see Zoom taking it
If Classic Strange had any time and I mean any time at all to prepare then this fight is already decided

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you watching?
its back on tv!

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@SilverGalford said:
" sentry dies "
Bendis made it so he's immortal
Hopefully this BS story is over by the time Siege #4 hits the shelves